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    Let's see your recent coyote success pics!

    I shot this one late in the evening just after Thanksgiving, in the pasture next to my in-laws ranch house. We didn't find it until the next morning. It was about a 200 yard shot.
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    Making A Case For The 308 Winchester By Michael Eichelle

    Michael, Would you use the 200 gr sgk in a 20" barrel 1/11" twist? I think it wouldn't have too great of velocity to make it worth it? Would the 180 sgk be a better bet? And what kind of velocity is realistic with a 20" barrel?
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    .308 Hunting Load Development

    I trim to 2.005 and my col is 2.800. I'm looking into making an elk load, and am trying to decide between the 180 sgk or a 180 gr nosler accubond. With their very similar bc's it a tough choice.
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    .308 Hunting Load Development

    Interesting... I just loaded some 168 gr nosler ballistic tips in lapua brass and 43 gr of varget was compressed. I guess lapua has a smaller case cap than the brass you used.
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    .308 Hunting Load Development

    Were the 43 gr and higher compressed loads?