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    Bob ai

    I have a custom 243 improved that I'm going to sell. Leupold VX 11 6-18 scope. Many extras including dies, Redding micrometer seating die, brass, all cleaning equipment, notebook with exact powder charges & seating depths & many more extras. If you're interested PM me. Sincerely, Bob Johnson
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    Florida Hog Hunting

    Razor Ranch is close to Orlando. I have never hunted there but I plan to in the near future. Their prices seem to be OK. Good luck, Bob
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    .243 Ackley Improved

    AS of yet I don't know. I just bought my first chronograph, a Magnetospeed. Contact me in a couple of weeks & I'll let you know. Bob
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    .243 Ackley Improved

    I have a 243AI and I really like it. Mine prefers 90gr accubond which I'm going to use on deer.:D
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    Lightweight rifle build

    Check New Ultra light Arms website. Mr. Melvin Forbes will give exactly what you need in a light weight rifle.
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    Ruger drops 6.5 Creedmoor

    I know that GA Precision offers a fine looking hunting rifle in the 6.5 Creedmore.
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    Another newbie

    I have been reloading for 40 years and shooting a good bit longer. I decided to join this website because I like to learn more about shooting, hunting and reloading. What excites me most is accurate hunting rifles. I live in Hobe Sound, Florida due to my wife's preference. Anyway, Hello Bob