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    New World Record Target shot (3720 yards)

    If it's not repeatable then really what have you done?
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    What scope, base, and zero. I'm running out at 1670 yards

    I have an Atacr and run a 60 moa base. I use a 100 yard zero and can dial out to 2800 yards with my 300 Norma improved.
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    SHOT Show 2015 - ELR-related: Day 2

    Any word on when when Lab Radar will be available? I've been waiting for it since last shot show.
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    Reloader 33 and high pressure

    I fireformed them using cream of wheat.
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    Reloader 33 and high pressure

    I have worked up loads with Rl33 on two different rifles, a 338 LAI and a 300 Norma Imp. Both times I would get a good accurate load developed with low pressure signs and then all of the sudden they are way over pressure and sticking cases and have ejector marks. With the Norma it happened in...
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    Any luck deer hunting?

    I shot this 30 inch wide buck from 906 yards with my 338 Lapua AI on my general season hunt. It was a good year.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Defiance 338 Lapua detatcheable box magazine system

    Defiance Machine 338 Lapua detatcheable box magazine. Uses AI magazines and comes with one. New unused. I bought it for a build I was planning that didn't happen. Comes with pillars and instructions. Everything just as I received it from Defiance. $250 shipped
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    How are you leveling your anti cant device???

    +1 on this tool. It uses the relationship of the scope being directly above the bore to level the rifle, which is really what you're after.
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    338 Lapua AI shooting paper plates from 2350

    I was getting great accuracy and velocity with the 33 but too much mv variation from day to day temp changes. I would work up a load in 70's weather with very little resistance in the bolt lift and shoot it another day in high 80's weather and im blowing primers. That was my experience with...
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    338 Lapua AI shooting paper plates from 2350

    I took a picture today through my Leica APO Televid 77. There is black tape holding the plate to the rock and there appears to be a hole in the bottom left of the upper plate when I zoom in. If I get ambitious I will hike up and see.
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    338 Lapua AI shooting paper plates from 2350

    It feels a little bit like I'm on trial here, but here goes. I shot a three shot group from 100 yards and chronographed and zeroed my rifle. It was indeed a three shot group. Then I fired two shots at cheap 9 inch paper plates with nothing shiney applied to them that were placed on those...