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    New Software

    Len ... Speedbump forwarded your message. Thanks for offering a personal touch in the transition. I am getting around pretty good on the new site and things seem to be arranged well. Everyone should get used to the messages lost in the transition without problems. Maybe just my imagination...
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    Which Nightforce Reticle? NP-R1 or Mil-Dot

    Comparing the Leupy and NF Mil-Dot reticles, I prefer the NF. The hollow dots are easier for me to use. I have Leupy and NF scopes, and both are outstanding scopes. I prefer my NF for the NP1-RR reticle, but that is a heck of a deal on the Leupy MK-IV. The Varminter price is good, but not as...
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    Which Nightforce Reticle? NP-R1 or Mil-Dot

    My NF Benchrest (8-32) & Varminter (5.5-22) have the NP1-RR reticle and suits my shooting well. But, all of my hunting/shooting at furry things is at prairie dogs. The circles are great for ranging them. Your shooting to 800 yds on larger animals may be better suited to using an NP-R2 reticle...
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    Looking for a pistol grip, synthetic stock for Savage 110FP

    Here is the link to Sharp Shooter Supply: Brownell's and probably others carry replacement stocks that may suit your tastes too. Good luck ... Mike
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    hunting gun DPMS 300 SAUM or rem 700 ss 300 saum

    Do you want this rifle just for coyotes? If so, that is a lot of cartridge for 300 yard coyote shooting! My DPMS 308 is far more rifle than I would want to carry very long in the field. It works great off a bench though. I would use an AR-15 223 or sporter weight bolt in 223, 22-250, 243...
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    new cooper rifle

    Cooper offers a 26" barrel as a no cost option for Model 22 Varminters if you want. I don't have any experience with 6.5-284, but my Savage 25-06 has a 26" barrel and I believe it helps burn all that slow burning powder! Coopers are lighter than most varmint rifles and the brake may help...
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    Sendero LH

    The Sendero rifles were/are long actions and the VS are short action calibers. I have never seen a LH Sendero, but wish they would make it. I have a 223 VS-LH that shoots very good. The only factory LH heavy barrel rifles I know of are short action calibers only. Sort of strange since the...
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    .223 round choice.

    My 223 rifles, bolt & AR's, all shoot Winchester USA 45gr HP ammo well. Black Hills blue box (reloads) 223s are very good too. Depending on what your accuracy needs are, 223 rifles are generally pretty accurate if the bullet matches the twist. Your rifle will tell you what it likes best. I don't...
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    parallax adjustment

    bkite ... The simple way to adjust a scope is to adjust the occular lense to focus the reticle to your eyes and the parallax knob to focus the target. The crosshair adjustment should only need adjustment when you mount the scope on the rifle. The parallax may need adjustment multiple times due...
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    Nightforce Parts

    VH ... The only place I have ever located extras for Nightforce scopes is Nightforce. Good Luck ... Mike
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    $800.00 bucks and not a cent more

    Since i am always interested in a bargain on NF scopes, I went to the above website. What impressed me more than the NF, was the NIB Leupold 6.5-20 Vari-X III M1 Tactical for $792. I don't think you will miss the extra 5X on a quality scope like this. My problem with 32X is additional mirage...
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    Anybody ran into this?(Savage 11FNS mounts)

    I don't have any experience with the Talley mounts. The dozen or so AccuTrigger models (12/112 BVSS or 10LE2B) I have used Weaver Grand Slam bases (S46) on have not had this problem. This has been over the last six months with two being in the last three weeks. Are tops of the receiver (front &...
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    Caption the Picture.

    With iron skillet in hand, she says,"SHUT UP!" But, after way too many beers, he hears, "STAND UP!"
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    looking for someone who has a place to shoot dogs in s.dakota

    The last three years (5 trips) I have used Jon Wik at LWR Ranch outside Martin, SD. He runs a good operation. Not the cheapest, but you will eat & sleep well (3 Meals/day), and shoot at a lot of p-dogs. Good luck ... Mike
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    Looking for scope suggestions

    All scopes mentioned are worth a look. You might also want to include the Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24X40 mil-dot and Leupold VX-II 6-18 with fine plex (w/o target turrets). Try for some pretty spectacular prices on the Bushy and others. Good luck ... Mike