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    SOLD/EXPIRED Mitutoyo 6inch Calipers

    don't threat I moved the sale to Accurate Shooter they move quickly over there done sold 4 on Acc Shoot
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Mitutoyo 6inch Calipers

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    New to 6.5-284 Norma

    try reloader26 and some 142 smks .010 into lands or H1000 or 4831sc
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    SELLER: Briley

    A+++ good communication, fast shipper, good in my book.
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    Tasco Japan

    just bought a 36x japan old style
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    Tasco Japan

    Found one from Briley A+
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    Tasco Japan

    what is your asking price. what shape is it in
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    Tasco Japan

    need high magnification 24x or 8x32 thanks for the reply
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    Tasco Japan

    lookin for a Tasco 24x, 8x32, older Taco japan glass scope, with Fine Cross Hair & dot, or no dot would like a fine crosshair, Holler back if you have one to sale... Thanks for lookin Steve
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB .260 Rem dies...

    I have a Whidden 260 bump bushing die for 45.00 not been used much
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Lightly used 6.5 CM Savage Large Shank

    I have a Xcaliber 260AI 27in small shank throated for 140s
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Lots of Powder

    you better take that
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    it's actually around now 4350, the hoarders must be asleep