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    Remington SPS Problem

    Hello all, Merry Christmas. So I got a brand new 700 SPS Varmint from Santa today. Got it all decked out with B&C stock and Zeiss glass and then tried to cycle some rounds through it and I have vertical deep scratches from shoulder to the base of the brass. I found that the feed rails on both...
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    Pics of Berger Bullets NOT Performing????

    Interesting. I've never had anything but incredible results and vital destruction on big Muleys and Elk with the VLD. Just really been awesome for me.
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    Remington production question

    I just bought a Varmint SF in a Swift yesterday. I too noticed that the VSSF was discontinued. Doesn't seem to make much sense since that was a good selling rifle? Hopefully they will come out with something similar to replace it. The stock is junk on the Varmint SF but I plan to replace it with...
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    .264 vs .270 WSM

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Lol, that sounds like my buddy and his ol ott-six. That's all he needs too I guess. :D Browning and Winchester quit making my .243 WSSM, not sure if the feeding was a reason. Overall I have been seeing positive comments on the 270 short so far. Seems like a...
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    .264 vs .270 WSM

    Hi guys, I been lurking for a while and getting some good info off here so decided to register. Anyway, I'm wanting to get a new deer/elk rifle and was checking out these 2 calibers. I like the WSM but I'm wondering about the feed issues that have been reported with them(I have a .243 WSSM...