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    Athlon vs Hawke binoculars

    Cameraland has some good deals for black Friday on Athlon Argos g2 and Hawke nature trek and Hawke endurance. Anyone have any experience with these?
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    Bushnell legend ultra hd 3-9×40

    $220 shipped
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    Bushnell legend ultra hd 3-9×40

    $225 shipped.
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    Bushnell legend ultra hd 3-9×40

    Multi x reticle. Side focus down to 15 yards . Pretty much new was mounted on rifle but never shot never left the house. Excellent condition, excellent glass quality in these scopes. $ 250 shipped.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Nikon monarch 5 4x12 binoculars

    New open box . $250 shipped. 12x42 mm great glass.
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    Athlon midas hmr

    Anyone have any real world experience with these ? I'm not to worried about the glass just want it to track and hold zero. Doug at Cameraland says he will take them back if a guy doesn't like them .
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    Bushnell elite 6500

    Thinking I might want a Bushnell elite 6500 16x. Is there any for sale out there?
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    45-70 reloading

    How much h4895 did you use ? Just run of the mill primers or was there a certain one you liked ?
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    45-70 reloading

    How much 3031 did you use ? I've got a bunch of 4198 to bad I can't use that lol
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    45-70 reloading

    I'm going to start reloading for my 45-70. Just need a good deer load . What are your guys favorite loads. Bullets, powder how much and what kind , primers ? Also I shoot a single shot not a lever action. Thanks .
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    Nebraska outfitters

    Looking for good Outfitter to hunt whitetail deer in Nebraska. Any experience and info would be great. Thanks
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    ISO: T/C Hawken “Cougar”

    You and me both !! I missed one on GunBroker a while back. Good luck in your search!
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    Bushnell Nitro 6-24x50

    Sorry sold last night.
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    Bushnell Nitro 6-24x50