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    Fawn Killer Gets Lead Poisoning, Is that a good thing?

    I shoot about 30 a year, best year was 84 in North Central Washington, I shoot them mainly from November-Early February and I can’t tell any difference in population. If I see one in my off season, I gladly shoot it as well. If hides are good and worth anything on given year I turn into fur...
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    Wolf caliber and round?

    My new wolf hunting set up is a Browning BAR III Hell’s Canyon cerecoted- fluted barrel, synthetic furniture, good trigger, 4.5x14 Leupold..... caliber .243. Haven’t decided which bipod-Spartan or Harris, probably tall Harris... shooting 80 Hornady GMX.... GIves fast follow up shots, and feels...
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    Kimber 84P Bolt action Handgun

    Does anyone have any experience with these? I purchased a "New in the box" 6x45 the other day, from what I can find out they were made a couple of years in the late 80's.... Very nice gun, I love the caliber-I have much experience with it, but the scope bases looked like Talley, but aren't...
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    Cooper 92 Backcountry love

    I have a 92 in 6.5x284, changed trigger to Jewell and couldn't be happier with set-up, wears a Swarovski scope, built for mountain hunting!