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    Ballistic calculator

    I didn’t read all the posts so forgive me. Any of ur ballistic calculators will work correctly. It’s just math. It’s our responsibility to input all the data correctly and make sure our components are doing what they’re supposed to such as scope tracking , muzzle velocity, bc, & so on. U...
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    Let’s see those Smokeless builds!!

    U are correct. It’s a law of physics. I definitely use a brake but I have learned to add a little weight to my builds. Even my hunting rifles tip the scale at 15-16 lbs. No fun to carry but much more fun to shoot. Most of my hunting is done from shooting houses anyway so not that big of a...
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    Let’s see those Smokeless builds!!

    Guys make sure if u try some of the loads posted here that ur rifle is capable of handling the pressure. I realize that most people who go the smokeless route respect and understand what they are doing but, these things can be a pipe bomb. There’s a lot of difference in shouldered vs barrel...
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    Let’s see those Smokeless builds!!

    Here are a couple more front stuffers. They are identical except one sports a brux the other a Bartlein (28” HV contours) Both are 45’s and built on Bat actions McMillan A1-3 stocks Hankins Radial brakes Jewel triggers HIS ignition Swarovski X5i 5-25x56 scopes
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    Let’s see those Smokeless builds!!

    Bat HR long action Bartlein 1.350 Straight 28” Alex Wheeler LRB ( McMillan )Stock Jewel Trigger Kirby Allen Super 6 Port Brake NF ATACR 5-25x56 Shooting 303 Pittman Hard Cores @ 3200fps Not practical but sure is a lot of fun to shoot.
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    New member

    Another Tennessee welcome !
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    Traveling intyerstate with 50 Cal

    I can see the headlines now. Two radical Christain men busted with artillery and bomb making materials. I wish u safe travels. Good luck.
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    Anyone You Know?

    I loved it. Thanks for sharing
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    Scope ap off

    There are many things that can alter ur dial up from day to day. First of all u have to have a good zero. Next ,all the data entered into ur app has to be correct. The thing that many shooters get wrong is their velocity or bc. Just because ur chrono , lab radar or magneto speed gives u a...
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    Custom built muzzy

    1/20 twist will be fine. I have experimented with several twist rates all the way to 1/34 with 300 gr bullets. Without getting into too much detail and starting a big argument the faster the twist rate the worse the spin drift is at longer distances. Just keep it stable. A Rem Varmint/ Sendero...
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    Prayers are Needed Please

    Praying for this family.
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    Custom built muzzy

    I do not know about the bbl length using a black powder substitute. However with smokeless powders 26” is fine. U can gain a few fps with a longer bbl but as always it’s a trade off.
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    Custom built muzzy

    Talk with Luke at Arrowhead or Jeff at Hankins Custom Rifles. Both build excellent rifles and know how to guide u through ur decision making. There are several things mzl shooters have learned over the past few yrs that can be benificial to the shooter and if ur smith isn’t up to date u may be...
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    Muzzle brakes for 338 Edge

    I don’t think u can do any better than a 3 port Painkiller from Kirby Allen. I use them on my RUM and Edge with similar weight as ur rifle. If there is a downside it’s that u can only communicate with him via email. I also used a 5 port MBM on a RUM and 30 Nosler. Very happy with both.