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    Berger Bullets Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In The Berger Bullets Contest"
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    barrel question

    Ok just have to find an HS stock for it.
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    barrel question

    I just got ahold of a sendero special barrel in 7mmRM. It is 24" and I have an action to put it on but I was wonderin' what the twist was on it?
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    Pitts Precision Rifles

    I thought hard about what to get my Dad for father's day and I remembered his favorite hunting rifle was not shooting as good as it used to...I know a couple of guys around where I live take their rifles to Mr. Pitts. So I called him and he said bring it over tomorrow which was Sunday and I...
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    300 rum loads

    I run 180 AB's with 100.5 gr of Retumbo, Fed 215M, and Rem brass. COAL is 3.822. Makes a nice 5 shot group at 100. Wish I could shoot 208's and 210's but sadly my barrel is a 12 twist...till my new Krieger comes in.
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    New Rifle Barrel

    Who makes the best rifle barrel in MTU contour and 5R rifling? I was planning on getting a Kreiger but I don't know yet. Just wanted some opinions.
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    US Optics $2500 Rifle Scope Give Away Contest

    Enter Me In US Optics Rifle Scope Contest
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    new barrel question

    Yeah I read it on the website but I wanted to some opinions from actual users of the barrel not just the company.
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    new barrel question

    What about the contour?
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    new barrel question

    I have a M700 in .300 RUM. It has a KP barrel on it but I'm going to a larger barrel for long range work. I'm thinking of getting a Krieger with 5R rifling in the MTU contour. Are there any advantages to the 5R rifling? Is the contour heavy enough for long range work?
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    .300 rum 168 vld coal?

    I'm gonna start coyote hunting after deer season closes and instead of buying a new gun I'm gonna use my .300 RUM...I know a bit of an overkill...but I'm savin' my money up for an AR. I'm gonna give the Berger 168 VLD or the 168 Target bullet a try. Which bullet performs better? Anyone shooting...
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    300 RUM Loading Data

    I've been reloading 100 gr. of Retumbo with 180 Accubonds and Fed 215 primer...I haven't had a chance to shoot thru a chrony but this load shoots a 3/4" five shot group at 100 yards with my Remington 700 with Hs stock and KP barrel...Good enough for me lol. I've shot 2 deer with the load a small...
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    7mm Mag need load data

    Thanks for the help guys
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    7mm Mag need load data

    The barrel is a 26'' Hart Hvy Sporter.
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    7mm Mag need load data

    I need some loading data for 140 gr Accubond and 145 gr speer spitzer. I will be using Nosler brass and Federal 215 primers. Not sure of the powder yet probably RL 22 but if something produces more accurate loads please inform me. Looking for around 3100 fps but 3000 is acceptable. Need an...

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