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    MOA at 400 but can't get on target at 650?

    You can't get an accurate ballistic chart and hold over value from a chrono velocity. It gets you close, and out to 400 with that cartridge you may not see a major discrepancy. But you have to verify your drops and make the corrections in your ballistics program. Since you have the Gunwerks...
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    New Member

    Welcome. You will find a ton of answers for pretty much any question you may come up with here. Tons of great info and experience on this site. Ask away!
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    22-250 with 8 Twist Questions

    The 80 Grain VLD is running right around 3080 fps. I have yet to put a chronograph on the 53 grainer. I prefer the Berger bullets and have had the best luck with them being accurate and consistent. But i am sure any good brand will serve you well. I have just had such good luck with Berger that...
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    25-06 Bullet Recommendation

    I hunted with a 120 grain Nosler partition over H4831 @ 52 gns in my 25-06 (Remington 700), and had great success with it. Very accurate and was plenty for the deer and elk I met up with. I worked up a load with the 115 grain Berger and H4831 that shoots crazy accurate. The 110 Accubond should...
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    New 28 nosler.

    I have noticed the same problem with other cartridges using Nosler brass. I tried some in a 7-300 Win and after the 1st firing the primer pocket was done for. I like the ADG brass for the 28 Nosler as well. It has worked very well so far for me.
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    7mm stw

    I have a 7 STW Imp. and run the 180 Berger Hybrid over Retumbo and it is an incredible combo! It has accounted for a lot of animals in the back of the truck. 168 grain bullets are great and i used to run the 168 Berger. But it performs a lot better with the 180. H1000 is great powder too and...
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    New 28 nosler.

    It all depends on the rifle of course. But I start @ .010" jump and have found that the majority of the rifles I have worked with prefer the Hybrid somewhere between .010" and .040" jump. I work in .010" increments. You wont want to try too many tests on a 28 or you'll wear out the barrel. My...
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    New 28 nosler.

    Nice looking rifle there! I load for a couple 28 Noslers. One for my dad and one for my brother. Both have really liked the 180 Hybrid on top of Retumbo. I use Fed 215M primers in both. I started around 78 grains of Retumbo in both and worked up from there. Seems to be a great pairing for the 28.
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    Help me pick a Rifle sling

    I have made several slings out of paracord also and they do work pretty well when custom lengths are needed. I use several of the Uncle Mike's with the nylon flex that aren't terrible. If you want one to keep your rifle where you put it and make packing easy try the double shoulder sling that is...
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    Bullet penciling question?

    I agree with you elk. I inspect the tips before I hunt with them. I believe it is about taking time to make sure that whatever bullet you use to hunt with is the right tool for whatever job you're setting out to do. And making sure that they are prepared right and in proper condition.
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    Bullet penciling question?

    This topic has been argued about over and over again about the Berger bullets. The question that I have is this...How can they pencil through, and at the same time blow up on the hide and not even penetrate???? I have heard the argument both ways so many times that I have lost count. And every...
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    Thoughts on Colorado OTC any sex tag

    You will most likely end up with more elk meat in the freezer on you NM hunt as mentioned above. CO has a lot of elk, but the OTC option is a tough hunt and very low success rates. You could get lucky over there, just don't get your hopes too high.
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    Fun, cheap hot rods?

    Some good options have been thrown your way to think about here. I have converted 2 old .22-250's. Both Remington 700 actions. The 1st was chambered for a 22 BR and I absolutely love shooting it! Great brass from Lapua, powder use is low, getting over 3000 fps with an 80 grain bullet and shoots...
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    Remington 700 SPS scope base mounting problem

    I am glad to hear you got the problem resolved. I am with you on the Remington purchases. I have been a long time Remington fan and have always shot and loved my model 700's. But with the way their quality control and products have turned out, I look elsewhere for my rifles lately.
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    Remington 700 SPS scope base mounting problem

    Discussions through text can get very confusing can't they? From the OP and what Rick_W is describing here..The base is fine and the screws are fine, the holes in the base line up with the action. The problem is that the 2 outside holes will not accept the screws, before trying to mount the...

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