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    Found out who makes Cabelas scopes

    The only ones that have manufactured scopes for Cabelas or a company in Japan that builds to order and also does a lot of other company's scopes. Light Optical Works is one of them that does this. Vortex didn't build any of them. The Euro's are all built by Meopta. Worked for them for a lot of...
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    6.5-284 or 26 Nosler?

    Chad Dixon is a great gun builder.
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    Ravin R10

    If you change strings and don't use Ravins it will void your warranty.
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    Favorite .223 Rem Prairie dog loads?

    I wish i had some pictures of my setup when I was doing some serious doggin with my stepson who was just as serious about it as I was. Maybe even a bit more so at times. I didn't like rain and he didn't seem to mind it. We used a 4 dr short box 4X4 with a topper. Had two PD swivel benches in...
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    Favorite .223 Rem Prairie dog loads?

    SW282, until you heard someone talk about Whopper or Air Time or Go To Pieces your not talking to a dogger. My wife says I am a sick man. LOL I did something one time and I thought it was awesome. At about 150 yards I hit a prairie dog in the throat that was standing on his hind legs trying to...
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    Favorite .223 Rem Prairie dog loads?

    Before I moved back to Nebraska when I retired I lived in Rapid City which for me was heaven until the last year I lived there when the government paid to have all the PD's on government property poisoned. Pretty much spent all my days off shooting PD's and loved it. Tried about everything...
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    Crossbow Shooters - What are you shooting?

    Tore my left rotator cuff 2 years ago. Heart went into AFIB last year and put me out of commision for the year. This year I decided I was going bow hunting as I have a Bear Arena that is now 4 years old and never hunted. Ended up tearing up the right rotator cuff this fall. Was talking to my...
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    Remage 243 Win AI Barrel

    Check your Inbox
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    Remage 243 Win AI Barrel

    How do you want payment on it. I will take it if there is nothing wrong with it. Would have to have my gunsmith check it out. If threads are ok on barrel and nut and can be fitted to my rifle I will take it.
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    25-284 build

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    How Do You Hunt Squirrels?

    Ya maybe but the area I hunt them is sparsely populated. One of the larger counties in the state and the population is down to 11,000 last I looked from the 21,000 at its peak about 30 years ago. Everyone moved to the city for work it seems. So it makes for a great place to hunt with .22's. I...
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    Missouri squirrel season

    We in Nebraska can't really hunt them till early fall which is fine with me. Ya never get sick of eating them that way.
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    How Do You Hunt Squirrels?

    Wow Grandpa would of whupped my butt if he caught me shooting squirrels with a shotgun. Lots of people did but not me. Grandpa :eek: Probably didn't like eating shot or something like that. :) My favorite way to hunt squirrels is in an area along a creek bottom covered with Walnut and Oak trees...
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    The Ultimate Squirrel Rifle

    :) Depends on the plan is to eat it or not.
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    The Ultimate Squirrel Rifle

    :) Yup, when I was living in South Dakota about 6 years ago my shooting buddie and I were shooting Prairie dogs and started pushing the envelope a bit. To get the best accuracy we were using standard velocity target ammo and made it out to 400 yards. Didn't kill them at that distance but we...