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    After 40 years I'm getting a divorce over a slim, lightweight model.

    The Swarovski Z5 would be another solid scope option with great glass under 18oz
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    New Reloader With Bullet Suggestion for New 300 wsm

    1:11 is a pretty slow twist. You'll be capped at around 180-195gr bullets. Your 200gr ELD-X for instance recommends a minimum 1:10 twist, as do the previously mentioned berger 208 hybrids. You might be able to get away with using the berger 200 gr hybrid target bullets but I would probably...
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    New Hunting scope suggestions Budget 750-1500

    I'm a big fan of the Swaro Z5. They're very lightweight, solid, and have impeccable optical performance. I also have a Razor LHT, the glass is only a small step down from the Swarovski but it's a model without the adjustable parallax so I don't use it as often for longer range hunting scenarios.
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    Wats the best RF Bino out there

    IMO the new Leica's, the Geovid 3200.COM still offer the best combination of accurate ranging and top end glass. The Leica's geovids, Swarovski EL range and Zeiss victory RF all have comparable glass despite the Leica's being a porro prism design. The Vortex and Sig rangefinders are good but a...
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    7ss Loading Questions

    I would check the case OAL and see if they need be trimmed and if you're not seeing any coming out longer than they should be maybe take a casting of your chamber and verify the dimensions off of that against the reamer print for the neck length and clearance. It could be that your chamber was...
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    7ss Loading Questions

    Might be getting donuts at the neck shoulder junction that are screwing with your seating pressure. You can either ream them out to remove the donut or seat bullets further out. Unless you mean it's tight right at the case mouth?
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    The first thing I would check would be cant on the scope. Maybe do a tall target test to check the levelness and tracking of the scope and also make sure your rifle isn't canting at all
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    Berger 25 cal 135 grains.

    Check your twist rate before buying them. They take a 1:8 twist and most off the shelf 25-06 rifles are 1:10 and won't stabilize them at all
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    Zeiss 10x54 Victory RF thoughts

    I tried a pair in store, great glass, rangefinder worked great. They were extremely heavy though
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    .17 HMR scope recommendations.

    I use the leupold VX-II 2-7x on mine. I picked that particular scope because it was the best glass I could find with the shorter fixed parallax distance, 75 yards IIRC. A center fire scope would have meant either going to an adjustable parallax which means more time making adjustments on...
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    Help me understand burn rate

    Optimal burn rate correlates more to the capacity:bore ratio than to the capacity alone. 6.5 creed is a smaller bullet and has a higher capacity:bore ratio, and therefore prefers slower powders.
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    ADG Brass Consistency Data

    Hopefully this helps someone: Just finished neck turning and weight sorting some ADG brass for the 7 Sherman Short. The attached image shows the case weights of this admittedly small sample. The extreme spread was 2.7gr. 175, or approximately 87.5% of cases fell within 2 gr of each other...
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    Need advice on ATACR vs X5

    I'm running an X5 at the moment, it's been fine through several rough alpine hunts and the glass is excellent. Biggest factor in choosing it was the weight. The X5 is nearly a pound lighter than the ATACR
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    Rebarrel or new cartridge?

    You could talk to a smith about reaming it out to a 270 Ackley Improved or a 270 Sherman and adding a little length to the throat/setting it back a thread to get a little more life out of the barrel. That would let you get a little extra velocity out of the case while still using your old 270 brass.
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