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    Custom Rifle Cartridge Choice

    338 Norma! Everyone should have one. Build it, or buy it. They're wonderful!
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    what bullet?

    My youngest son and I both have 338 Norma's, and we both use 300 grain Berger Hunter Elite bullets. They are SUPER accurate, and easy to tune. My pet load is 97.0 grains of Reloder 33 and get 2770 fps. Both rifles are 1000 grouse guns. Just kidding, but they are THAT accurate.
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    Video of my 2020 bull elk harvest

    Really nice bull! And to kill him with a pointed stick.... WOW!
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    Annealing Services vs Buying an Annealer

    Joe at Shooter's Bench in Boise, actually he's moving to Nampa, bought an AMP Annealer, and charges 15 cents per case. I found out about his service the day before I planned to buy an AMP. 200 cases for $30.
  5. B has Lapua 338 Norma brass

    Here's a link to the site:
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    I will not be getting 'the vaccine'...

    It's been a week today, since I got my second Moderna shot. No side affects at all. I hope you will all be happy with your decisions.
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    I will not be getting 'the vaccine'...

    During the Viet Nam war I was a C-141 pilot traveling all over the world. We had to be vaccinated for everything to be world-wide qualified. Probably nobody hates shots as much as I do, but my shot record looked like the Encyclopedia Britanica. I have never had a problem with vaccinations...
  8. B has Lapua 338 Norma brass

    Just saw this at
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    338 Norma Reloading Data

    Regarding the trim length. I got these specs from Norma about 5 years ago. 2.492 min. 2.502 max.
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    Boot recommendation

    Here's a sale at Kenetrek:
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    Recoil solution

    I would strongly recommend the Titanium Beast brake from Muzzle Brakes and More. I have them on several 300 RUMs and they tame them to about the recoil of a 7mm/08. Best I've found!
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    338 Norma Reloading Data

    tag, this is really interesting!