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    What’s your five? 5 Calibers to do it all...

    17 Hornady 243 Win 300WSM 20gauge 45acp
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    R-Dog, my father was an NRA rated master and all he shot was a 30/06. He shot 100’s at 1000 yards using hand loaded Sierra 190 match kings and Palma peep sights. That said he never shot at an animal over 400 yards with his 06 because of the lack of residual energy in the 180 grain sierra’s he...
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    Ready for WY Elk hunt?

    Minimum 180 gr.. everyone needs to remember, mass matters, elk are tuff animals and their bones are big. Accuracy is essential, but mountain winds and steep elevations require that one is practiced and comfortable with their choice of firearm and ready to follow up on all shots taken.
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    Bullet RPM Per Inch Math Problem

    I think I tried this after my first batch of home brew!
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    The Great PRIMER Depression of 2020

    Skip. You use your imagination.lmao👍
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    The Great PRIMER Depression of 2020

    Biden doesn’t like Heller and Trump doesn’t like the Texas decision. The court says both can Pi— up a tree.
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    The Great PRIMER Depression of 2020

    J. Hitler confiscated private firearms. How many have you had confiscated under any parties presidency. Truth should rule not opinions.
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    Building a 6.5 PRC, annnnndddd there’s no bullets.

    lots of boom sticks for sale, but very little to make them go boom. IMO it’s about time to stop buying firearms until ammunition and/or components become available once again.
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    Old reloading manuals and updated load data

    I still use a 35 year old Sierra book and a Nosler #1. I believe that using the data for a specific brand of bullet is more important than the age of the data. That said you should compare the shape of the bullet as published in the old book with the shape of the newer bullets.
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    Where are most members from

    Everybody knows if you want a descent size hackalope you come to Wyoming! IMHO😁
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    Best Do It All Shotgun?

    I agree with the Benelli people, they make a great gun, but if you only use a shotgun occasionally then you may not want to spend that kinda money. Last year I bought a Pointer over/under in 28 gauge and got to hunt with it this year. I am really impressed with the way it shoots and looks. If...
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    Are these things legit?

    I think it’s an online place where mentally deficient folks congregat. IMHO
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    Would you eat this bull?

    I wouldn’t feed it to a politician of any stripe and I think more of my dogs than to feed them a festered up elk.
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    Looking for a versatile cartridge

    257 Robert’s AI. Low recoil, but can be loaded to hit heavy. IMHO.