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    High Capacity Mag for Henry Long Ranger - Question

    The lever action would interfere with any substantially extended magazine. Also, one-handed carry would be reduced, since the balance point of the rifle is right underneath the magazine.
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    Ponsness/Warren Cal-die

    You can see the die on their website. They are a windowed seating die similar to the original Vicker's seating die. RCBS uses the same design for their Competition series and their Gold Medal series seater dies (rifle calibers only), but they add a micrometer top to it. They also sell the...
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    Basic reloading equipment

    When it comes to reloading equipment features, there are some that promote convenience, and some that promote accuracy or both. A turret press is an example of the former. The snap-in/out floating die retention of the Forster Co-Ax is an example of the latter (both). However, it is difficult to...
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    Want to get into reloading and have a few stupid questions

    First, the OP wants to get a single stage setup. Second, the only Dillon reloader that comes set up in the cal you choose is the SDB progressive, and it only loads handgun cartridges, while the OP listed only rifle cartridges to be reloaded. For low- to moderate volume rifle cartridge...
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    Which press?

    You really should learn more about the different Lee presses. While Lee makes/made some presses for which your statement might be true, the Lee Classic Cast (iron) press is not one of them. It handles anything that will fit in it (larger than a lot of other single stage presses) just fine. Andy
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    I need some help with die choices

    What Flashhole said, but get a cross-bolt lock ring from Forster, Hornady, Sinclair or others to put on the collet die. And do a little polishing on the collet & closer too. Trust me, the collet die is worth a little extra trouble to make it just perfect. Andy
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    Depends on where the cartridge is supported when you are making the measurement. Some gauges support near the head and near the tip of the bullet. In that case, measuring near the middle between them will give you the largest reading for a given amount of "crookedness". If the cartridge is...
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    newb help looking for advise

    I would recommend starting with an inexpensive kit, even if you will end up replacing a lot of it. But by then you will know better what features you like and dislike, and make a better-informed purchase for more money. It is cheaper to replace cheap equipment you don't really like than more...
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    Forster/Bonanza Co-Ax press

    I don't recall which end of the standard S jaws is in use from the factory, but if you are within a few thousandths, it is probably the large end. Might check just to make sure. And then again, sounds like the LS (large end thereof) will work for sure. Andy
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    Forster/Bonanza Co-Ax press

    According to the Forster shell holder jaw chart, you should be using the end of the standard (S) jaw set with the larger opening for 300WM. If that is still not working, the large end of the optional LS jaws will. Andy
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    Best reloading press ??

    Actually, Forster only sells two handle sizes now. All current production co-ax presses have the larger handle yoke to clear taller dies. They offer the standard, longer, tubular handle grip, and an optional shorter, ball handle grip. Both handles work in conjunction with the same (larger)...
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    Reloading Press Upgrade

    The Lee Classic Cast and the Redding Big Boss II have through-the-ram spent primer handling, the others on your list do not (nor does the Lyman C2). TTR keeps spent primers and debris off the press, bench or floor, and where they belong in a bucket or catch bottle below the press. The Redding...
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    Which Dies Are Best?

    Perhaps, but can you provide a reference to a SAAMI standard for a reloading die? Nowhere on their website do they even list, let alone provide, any standards, drawings, documents or activities except for firearms, ammunition, ammunition components, and legal/technical assistance to...
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    Which Dies Are Best?

    I've heard this several times before, so I went to the website. They appear to have all of their standards listed there, but make no mention of reloading die standards. The only relevant standards are for cartridge and chamber dimensions, with tolerances. I've heard of some users who...
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    Lyman Case Trimmer problem

    OK, How about "Buy a Wilson"? Does that finger look different (deformed, dirty, etc.) from the others? If you do not use the neck pilot, how much wobble is there at the cutter end? It could be a bent collet or misaligned some how, such that when you put in the neck pilot, it forces the case...