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    Cartridge Base walks in Shellholder when seating

    DrSteve, Have you verified if the case is held vertically in two axis or if there is any visible cant? BB
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    Bumped shoulder too far

    Your brass looks fine based on the cutaway pics. Re-fireforming the brass is a good idea, if you want to save it. \reduce the loads accordingly or you will experience very high pressures, you will also need to resize the necks to have enough tension to firmly hold the bullet. BB
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    Bumped shoulder too far

    Sherm, How do you measure the location of the chamber shoulder in relation to the case shoulder, that headspace is a critical dimension, do you use special tooling to measure? BB
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    Bumped shoulder too far

    Josh, Out of curiosity how can you bump the shoulder that far back, what kind of die can do that, my FL sizer cannot bump that far back? BB
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    Quick question - on dies

    This die is used as is. These dies regularly have their spindles modified or replaced by different diameter spindles so the I.D. of the neck is controlled. Low runout to me is <.003, but consistency is also very important, I strive for zero runout always. The best 25 bucks I ever spent on dies.
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    Quick question - on dies

    I never had good luck with bushing dies, for low runout reloading my choice is Lee Collet neck sizer, Redding body die and a Forster or Redding benchrest seater, for the occasional FL sizing I use the Forster FL dies, although I also started 40 years ago with RCBS regular dies I have slowly...
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    Quick question - on dies

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    Help with Redding body only sizing die

    If you have to go to that extent to FL size there is a problem with the die. BB
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    8mm Rem Mag Hunters

    I owned a Remington 8mm RM M700 some years ago, only thing I took was a nice bull moose, my load consisted of the Sierra 220gr SBT bullet, I took him at about 450 yards through the lungs, excellent performance, pass through, DRT. BB
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    215 Berger vs steel plate.

    How is that even possible, are you sure you are talking about Barnes X or maybe Barnes jacketed soft points ? BB
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    Nosler accubond performance

    It is a great bullet on deer, great penetration and expansion, never recovered one. BB
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    Best sheep/mountain gun for long range shooters

    Light weight guns like the Kimber Mountain Ascent is very hard to build, and great calibers available even for an unfriendly Grizzly. You would be very hard pressed to build anything in this weight,the components are not available as far as I know. Brown Kevlar pounder and McMillan Edge stocks...
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    Blind mag vs hinged floorplate for serious hunting?

    I have both but prefer the blind mag. In my case what affects my decision is whether the rifle is CRF or PF, where this comes into play is in the unloading, since the CRF does not require that the bolt handle be turned down there is absolutely no danger of accidental firing, with the PF rifles...
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    Sub 2k long range hunting scope?

    GD, Good observation between hunting and precision shooting reticles. What would you consider a good hunting reticle for FFP scopes? BB
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    New haven m70

    No they did not, you must be thinking of a Remington 700;) bb