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    Cardio Workouts?

    I have started to go a workout called a burpee ladder. look it up it is pretty hard but simple. Its like a pushup then a jumping jack.
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    Elk hunting in Montana?

    My father in law and I are going to missoula elk hunting with an outfitter called L Diamond E.
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    You posted on my over all length question. Thank you. So is it okay for me to exceed the oal...

    You posted on my over all length question. Thank you. So is it okay for me to exceed the oal listed on the lee guide?
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    over all length question

    I am new to loading. I am working up loads for my weatherby .300 win mag. Im using h-1000 with 180 gr interbond. The beginning load is 76.0 grains. The maximum over all length is showing 3.340 according to the guide that cam with my lee dies. I am working up loads for hunting elk in montana...
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    fishing boat encounter with shrimp boat

    I just came back from vacation in south padre. Tuesday we had a run in with a shrimp boat while fishing with the charter boat dock holiday. We had been trolling for tuna and where having some good luck. The captain stopped the boat and we began catching them right out the back of the boat. 20...
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    Are You Planning An Outfitted Hunt In The Next 12 Months?

    My father in law and I are going out the first week of november on a guided elk hunt in montana.
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    lee load data

    I am brand new to reloading. I ordered two lee die kits. They came with load data for each load .243 and .300 win mag. Have you ever used their load data? I do intend on getting a couple reload books.
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    que adjustable muzzle brake

    I went shooting yesterday with my .300win with the que brake. I shot prone multiple times with no kick up dust issues. I am satisfied with the brake.
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    Question:Do you lease or own?

    Title says it all. I am looking to buy a piece of hunting land in the next 8 yrs or so. Do you own or lease your hunting land?
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    needs for reloading

    I am wanting to get into reloading. I can get a lee 50th anniversary kit for 110 dies for around 30 projectile and casing for 40 bucks or so and a 1lb of powder for 22 bucks. All prices are estimates. Do you think this would be good for getting going. I will be reloading .243 win and .300 win mag
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    ruger american caliber?

    well I have a browning 30-06 bar and a weatherby .300 win mag so I as of now I dont "need" one of those Im mainly looking between the .270 or the .243 I use "need" loosely I always say you only need one more!
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    ruger american caliber?

    They are only available in 30-06 .243 .270 .308
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    ruger american caliber?

    I am getting the ruger american rifle for fathers day. I would like either the .243 or .270 which do you recommend. I intend on shooting paper coyotes and possibly deer. Id probly shoot it comfortably out to 350 yards or so. What do you think?
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    remington 700 barrel options

    1-.308 2-deer and similar game 3-600 max
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    remington 700 barrel options

    I am looking at the remington 700 for my next rifle. I have noticed they offer a "heavy barrel" and a "bull barrel". Im having trouble finding the differences between the two on the remington site. I would like to know if you know the difference and which do you prefer? It will be chambered in .308