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    For Sale Remington Custom Shop

    I've had 8-10 Remington Custom Shop rifles. I wouldn't spend near $3K for a new one, but if you get a used KS or AWR (Alaskan Wilderness Rifle, not American Wilderness Rifle) for $1,000 to $1,250, you'll have a well-made and accurate 1/2" hunting rifle.
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    Rifles, Inc. 300 Weatherby

    Lex really knows how to build a rifle. With the right ammo, that will shoot way better than MOA.
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    Wiseman Custom TSR (Texas Safari Rifle) in 270 WSM

    Yes, I guess that's why the ammo and gunmaking companies use his barrels for testing.
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    Wiseman Custom TSR (Texas Safari Rifle) in 270 WSM

    Bill Wiseman makes most of the barrels and testing equipment for the firearms and ammunition industries. His barrel making has few peers. For a short time, he manufactured his own rifles, called the Texas Safari Rifle. I'm still thinning down my collection, and will offer this one here for...
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    338 Lapua Ammunition

    A friend has 4 boxes of factory Lapua ammunition he doesn't need, 2 boxes each of HSM and Summit. $250 plus whatever UPS shipping is from the Dallas area.
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    Unfired -NIB Weatherby SS Mark V, 7 mm Wby Magnum

    I believe I have a couple boxes of Weatherby 7mm if the buyer is interested.
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    HS Precision Pro 2000 in 7mm STW

    Sale pending.
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    HS Precision Pro 2000 in 7mm STW

    This is a like-new, one owner HS Precision sporter in the 7mm STW caliber. Round count is about 80, judging from the new brass left from the original supply of 150. Like all the HS Precision rifles I've owned, this one has no trouble achieving HS Precision's 1/2" accuracy guarantee. The first...
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    Lazzaroni Warbird 308 Ammunition

    Chevytruckman, they're yours if you wan them...shipping included.
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    Lazzaroni Warbird 308 Ammunition

    No just the full-house Warbird.
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    Lazzaroni Warbird 308 Ammunition

    This is factory ammunition a friend has left over from a Lazzaroni rifle he once owned. These retail at $129.95/box, but this ammunition is priced lower than the cost of the brass. Here's what he has: 130gr Lazerheads 1 box + 13 Rounds 150gr Lazerheads Box of 12 rounds 168gr Lazerheads...
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    Browning abolt 270 Big horn sheep model

    I used to have both the Browning Bighorn Sheep and the Pronghorn (243) rifles. Very nice pieces.
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    Nightforce 8-32x56 $795