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    SOLD/EXPIRED F/S- Taurus 44 Mag

    NIB (never fired/used) Taurus (S/N: XH206975) 44 Magnum Revolver, 6” barrel. Warranty Card included $375.00 + shipping & insurance. FFL required. Send me a PM if interested.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED F/S- CZ 416 Rigby

    CZ 550 American Safari Magnum in 416 Rigby. Sunset Camo laminated stock, barrel floated, action bedded. Rear scope ring ledge shimmed 0.015”. Rifle comes with 80 fired cases, reloading dies, Tally Quick Detach Scope Rings and Vari X III 3.5-10/40 scope. Rifle has less than 100 rounds through, is...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS- Northface Backpack

    New, never used North Face Stamina 90, men's medium back pack & frame. 5400, with integrated rain cover. Dark Blue in color Bought it to use on AK hunt last year, ended up using gear bags as we camped next to the runway on the fly in. Don't see I'll ever have a need for a backpack...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 2008 SA Plains Game Hunt

    We currently have one (possibly two) spots left for week #2: June 30th-July 6th, 2008 and six spots left for week #1: June 21st-June 27th, 2008 for a 4 animal plains game hunt in SA. Hunt includes 1 hunter and 1 non-hunter, trophy fees and more for under $5k. If interesed send me a PM and be...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 2007 Newfoundland Moose Hunt

    We have four spots remaining for a combination moose/bear hunt first week of October 2007. If you are interested in this hunt that is very value oriented, send me an e-mail ([email protected])with your e-mail address and we will e-mail you the flyer that contains all the specifics.
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    Sizing up Antelope

    We will be hunting in north central SD on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation
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    Sizing up Antelope

    I will be using my 7mm Rem mag with factory load Fed Premiums, 160 NP. This has become (for the moment)my standard load for medium game. I appreciate everyone who replied to my post.
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    NBT's for mule deer??

    Re: NBT\'s for mule deer?? I am a new member, but not new to hunting. For years I used BT's for all my whitetail using my 30-06. I switched over to a 7 mm Rem Mag and couldn't get the same result with the same bullet. I got tired of not finding decent blood so I switched to the NP's and have...
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    Sizing up Antelope

    We are going on an antelope hunt in SD this fall and we need to know how determine whether the antelope is a shooter or a pass on antelope from close in out to a mile or so. Some tips on how to determine the size of their horns and spread would be very helpful.

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