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    Encore 209x50 bullets

    With our T/C Triumphs, we like to use the 250 grain Shockwave with the Harvester crush ribbed sabot and pushed by BH209. I weigh all my charges and have them in plastic vials ready for use. We found some primers ignited Blackhorn 209 better than other makes of primers.the
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    300 WSM Loads (Rookie Alert)

    I have been using 66.5 great of RL17 behind 168gr TTSXs 3140 out of my A7. Sub moa and single digit es. Recently tried Superformance with the same bullet. Not much difference in speed. Had a box of 168 gr TSX so gave them a try with the Superformance. To my surprise they went 3200 fps. With...
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    Lehigh Bullets

    the 275gr .458 diameter with orange sabot did not shoot as well as the ssts did have not taken any game with them yet.
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    T/C load recommendations

    my triumph likes 120 gr (volume) blackhorn with harvester short black sabots and 250gr sst
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    Scope mounting problem

    Just received my new SAKO A7 in a 300WSM. Came with mounts, rings & Burris scope. When I went to level the mounts prior to leveling the scope, I found the mounts were not level compared to each other. How do you determine which of the mounts is closest to being level to the receiver? Once that...
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    .270 loads

    I have used the surplus 4831 since I purchased my 270 25 years ago. Used it with 130, 140 & 150's. Had the best accuracy with 130 Sierras. Tried IMR4831 behind some Nosler Partitions in 150 grain last year and got the best group ever out of the same rifle. The Nosler 150s are leaving the barrel...
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    US Optics $1,000 Spotting Scope Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In The US Optics Spotting Scope Contest".
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    Vortex Kaibab $1,200 Binocular Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    "Enter Me In The Vortex/Cameraland Contest".