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    Wind(s) shot #2

    Too much detail for here but it you read Litz's book Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting he talks quite a bit on shooting in terrain with serve vertical changes. The change in vertical terrain would be more of a factor than the wind blowing in your face.
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    Tikka t3x 7mm rem mag load question

    Don't have the exact data in front of me, but I use RL-26, with Berger Elite Hunters (175gr) and get around 2930fps (26" barrel, Savage). Easy 0.5 moa, I have regularly hit out to 1600 yards (usually need a few to get dialed in). This was the first combo I tried and never had a reason to try...
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    Berger Bullets 4 Hunting

    Well I sure didn't go into the numbers as you do. I bought a 7mm RM, picked 3 different bullets and one of them happened to be Berger EH, 175 gr. With some RL26 it is the most accurate bullet I have ever shot. I haven't killed anything yet but so I cannot speak for that. I run an older Savage...
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    New Brass Prep

    I was told by a multi multi F-class, PRS winner that case length is not that important. Just make sure it is below the max and you will be fine is what he told me. I trim my 6.5 mm CM to 1.900". The book says max is 1.920", trim to 1.910". I trim a bit more so then I don't have trim so often.
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    Zero range

    I have a 20 MOA rail on mine rifle. I mounted the scope and set my elevation to zero on my turret. I sight in at 100 yards (POA). In my latest rifle the POI is 4.5" high. I then calculate my theoretical zero distance and place that value into my ballistic calculator. I test at that range to...
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    New Brass Prep

    Yes, I forgot to add that. I did only measure about 10% and they were all within 0.005". I got to thinking maybe I should have measured them all.
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    New Brass Prep

    Hey everyone, I have got my first batch of Hornady brass (X300). I have reloaded for a bit now, but it was all fired factory ammo. I have done a lot of research and with everything else to do with shooting, everyone has a different opinion. This ammo is for long range shooting. So this is what I...
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    Vertical turret test, am I doing it right?

    This is a great idea. I am going to try it next time I head out.
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    0MOA Action with canted scope mounts

    I second the Burris rings. It is all I use now. Love them.
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    Calling 24” 6.5 Creed Guys

    SMK, 142 gr. Around 2710 fps at 42.0 gr of H4350. ELD-X, 143 gr Around 2705 fps at 42.4 gr of H4350 SST, 129 gr Around 2770 fps at 38.8 gr of Varget All velocities were shot around 0 C (32 F for you great American folk) All out of factory RPR.
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    Best 3-way Trimmer

    I too like my Forster. Just watch because the trimmer head is quite large and eats up some of the real estate on the trimmer. My 6.5 mm just fit into the trimmer now (Original).
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    300 win mag with 1/8 twist?

    I love using this calculator from Berger whenever I have a question about twist rate.