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    338 bullet BC results from Snipers Hide

    All good points. I certainly concede that if your are not shooting long range, then there is indeed little to be gained by moving away from the BC, unless of course, it is no longer the industry standard. This leads to what I am advocating, which is for the manufacturers to follow Lapua's...
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    338 bullet BC results from Snipers Hide

    Bryan, I applaud this move to get away from BC's. As you probably know from my posts over at SH, I heap a lot of scorn and blame on the good ole BC.! I'm sure you are not quite where I am, yet :D, but the move to a custom drag function is long overdue and is really the main reason I quit...
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    Vortex vs. Nightforce..... school me.

    I own three NF FFPs and 3 Razor HDs. I have used both out to 1000yds, in mirage, low light, you name it. Both scopes have been punished in competition and in the field and through thousands of rounds in both 308 win, 338 WM and now 338 NM. Each are used on gas guns and bolts. In summary, I...
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    Custom Rifle - 500 yards max - what cartridge

    I shoot 308, 280 AI and 7mm-08 all at long range. For the criteria you described, the 308 is going to fit the bill the best. I have found that the 180+ grain bullets buck the wind and perform the best down range. For the heavier bullets in 308, you may want to consider 1:10 twist. I shoot...
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    Homemade Zerostops

    I have found that nylon washers (from Lowes) work great. Easy to trim/fit/stack as necessary, low probability of stripping your turret internals.
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    Vortex razor?

    I own both and both are great scopes. IMO you get a bit more for your money with the Razor. I plan to purchase both again in the future. My determination is based on whether I want FFP or not for rifle it will call home. Comparison based on my experience: Zero stop - standard with Razor -...
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    338 Norma Mag

    Having one built as I type this. I decided to go with a Surgeon 1581XL. I know it doesn't answer the 700 question, but thought I would share my decision in case you decide to consider an alternative.
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    What weight bullet for 1/10 18" barrel AR10?

    I use 40.0g of H4895 behind a Rem Cor Lokt 180g or 180g SGK. The SGK is longer and has more drag so your pressures goes up a bit. POI shift as well. I have used 41.0g of Varget with very similar results.
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    Vias and other breaks

    If I were hunting with a 300 WM, I may consider putting a brake on it, especially if it is a light rifle. If you shoot prone with a Vais type brake, you do need to avoid laying in the dust, but I generally try to avoid doing that anyway. Won't shove it back in your face, only raise a cloud...
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    Vias and other breaks

    Most quality brakes, including Vais (of which I have several), will reduce your felt recoil significantly. More important to me is muzzle control. All of my bench and tactical rigs sport brakes for this very reason. None of my hunting rifles wear a brake.
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    What weight bullet for 1/10 18" barrel AR10?

    Brian, I have almost the exact same setup as yours. I shoot 180g with good effect and stabilization. Would not go below 180 with that fast a twist. 190s and up would probably work as well. You'll need to experiment a little.
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    Choosing a caliber for "short" long ranges

    I agree with the advice above. The 30-06 will be more than enough cartridge for your plans. Other considerations, if you think you may want to "grow into" this gun for other long range uses, are the .300 WM, or one of the 7mm cartridges. The 284 win or 7mm Rem Mag may be options for you.
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    Which power scope - 4-16x42 or 6-24x42?

    +1. For 600 yds it's all you need and then some. For large-game hunting, it is advisable to be able to turn down your power as you never know if you may need to track a wounded animal and need that very rifle/scope for a close-in follow-up shot. All my hunting rigs have the ability to go down...
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    Fip-up covers on Nightforce scopes

    I have kinda given up on the flip-ups, mostly because the quality of the Blizzards seems to be dropping and the expense of the Leupolds is insane. But, also, I don't like rotating covers one my eyepiece. I now use the factory bikini covers with good success. I zip-tie one of the retention...
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    "Shoot" for Android phone's

    I've only been using it a few days, but love the program. The user interface is top-shelf. Obviously built by an engineer who is a shooter - like me!:D Seriously, can't say enough about the features and presentation of the solutions and data. I also use Ballistic FTE and both programs...