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    Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

    To 1hunter: Thanks for your reply and info of past archery competitions. Until we hear about from someone, or stumble upon information we are ignorant of, we are just that, ignorant. I mean that with absolutley no put down, as some people take the word as meaning "dumb or stupid". I have heard...
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    Your Longest Archery Big Game Kill

    This is an old thread but the first one to come across as a new member. To those of you who say bull---- to a long archery shot being possible please take the time to watch a copy of Ben Pearsons greatest hunts. While I don,t advocate anybody shooting beyond their ability, it doesn,t mean it...
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    hello from western washington from bear1010

    Wow ,this a big step for me. I have gained great info from this sight but am a total non- tech with the confuser. My limited range with a solid rest is probably about 400-450 yards but that,s about the range of ability of my 7x57. I enjoy hunting, fishing and target "plinking" from .22 to .50...