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    Accubond Vs Internond

    IMO the Accubond really shines on tough game out to moderate distances. By tough I mean Elk, bigger African plains game etc. By moderate I mean out 500 yards or so. They just do it all, expand, penetrate and dump most of the energy in the animal. On deer they perform well just like like...
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    First time antelope hunt

    One piece of advice I got on my first antelope hunt in WY last year from a friend who has lived there all his life and killed many antelope is get the hide off before the animal before it hits the ground. According to him antelope meat is ruined by leaving the hide on. Snap your picture and go...
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    Powder Valley

    I did. Someone responded to my email and said they would pass it up the org. My request was to forward to the leadership team. How high or where it ended up I do not know but good hobby them acknowledging the message.
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    Powder Valley

    Actually I did about 3 weeks ago. Sent them a very friendly letter identified myself as a loyal customer for about 20 years and wanted to let them know my perception is on highly sought after components they were 20-25% higher than every other online retailer I buy from. I told them they were...
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    Powder Valley

    To me Midway seems to be taking advantage of the situation. While certainly they have not raised prices on everything they have taken larger increases than pretty much every retailer I use on the very high demand components. Case in point Hornady 6.5 140 gr ELD M at PV is $37.36 and at Midway...
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    7mm max cream of wheat fire forming

    Several of us in this thread do not use COW or any filler. Simply a powder charge and tissue paper to keep the powder in the case. There is no mess just very fine shreds of TP a few feet in front of the barrel. It worked well enough for me that I never used any additional fillers.
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    7mm max cream of wheat fire forming

    I also much prefer no COW on top just tissue paper and get good results.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Berger Bullets

    Yours. I am PM’d you on payment/shipping.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Berger Bullets

    Correction. The classic hunters box only has 85 and so price is $45.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Berger Bullets

    I have some Berger bullets that may help someone out that has a need. They are type and quantities below. Shipping will be added to these prices. 168 gr Classic Hunter (100) 180 gr VLD Hunting (198) - $110 168 gr VLD Hunting (122) - $60 Thanks Brian.
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    The Trouble with Accuracy at the Range

    You often hear folks describing loads that shoot better at distance then at 100. Bryan Litz did some work in this area and could not prove that the phenomenon existed. I wonder if this couldn’t account for some of this as to me it’s more difficult to focus on the target at 1000then it is 100.
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    COAL in a short action

    The website says 2.880 is 2.990 a typo?
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    ATTN: Greyboe Stock users

    Have one, it is pillar bedded. I bought the bottom metal they sell can’t remeber the brand, it fit perfectly. Just put it together so haven’t decided if I will skim bed as well. So far I like it.
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    Bushnell elite tactical 6-24x FFP G2

    I have that exact scope and like it, previous poster sums it up well a good value scope with good glass but not great. Mine tracks great but do a tall target test because mine did not deliver exactly 1 mil when dialed so had to load a correction factor in my AB app.
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    Ruger Precision Rifle, a great buy

    Same story with my 6.5. Shot 1/2 MOA out to 800 so far. load work up was super easy just used the old Hornady recipe on their box of Match ammo and it likes to be shot fouled. Cleaned it before I shot it and at 200 rounds it was still 1/2 moa and cleaned it just because. Have shot another 200...