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    Rifle and bullet observations

    Hi,Might want to try a box of Federal Premium with the 85 Grain Sierra ,the The 95 grain Ballistic Silvertip from Winchester or Federal premium with Ballistic tip 95 grain or even Some barnes 80 Grain TTSX (Called Vortex) All thesed shoot 3 shots of less than an inch at 100 yards out of my...
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    Lighter recoil

    I agree with this member on all counts ,243 winchester is great for the purposes you mention.I use the Barnes 80 GR TTSX Barnes Factory load(Vortex) very low recoil,shoots 3 into less than an inch at a hundred yards from a Remington 7600 and kills very well. Although others will kill as well...
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    Comparing Rangefinding scopes

    Exactamundo I concur completly! One less thing to carry in the field as well. Regards Craig
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    Comparing Rangefinding scopes

    Thank you for your input. 1)Reloading-I have reloaded for over 40 years just choose not to anymore. I really dont enjoy it .I have found factory ammo has improved so much through the years that finding a factory load that will produce 1/2 to 1 inch groups at a hundred in an accurate rifle is not...
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    Comparing Rangefinding scopes

    Thanks for the information guys and keep it coming ! Thanks Craig
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    Comparing Rangefinding scopes

    Right now i am trying to sort out if the Eliminator II will suffice instead of the Eliminator III because of price. thanks Craig
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    Comparing Rangefinding scopes

    Hi,I am new here and would like to know if anyone has compared the rangefinding riflescopes ? I have read a little about the Burris Eliminator but nothing about the Bushnell or Nikon scopes. Technical specs are fine but would really like in the field hands on experience with them. Thanks Craig
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    New member here

    Hi my name is Craig ,I am 53 and live in central Arkansas and love to deer hunt and shooting rifles.Glad to be here and hope I can learn here and have a good time ! .Regards Craig