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    new to the site looking for some help

    Small world wild rose! I'm in Albuquerque nm but I've pheasant hunted Clovis quite a bit when I was younger, and before I found Oklahoma lol. Thanks for the replies guys. I didn't think the leupold was gonna be enough. Anyone have experience with the Nikon monarch and the bdc?
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    new to the site looking for some help

    OK first off I'm new to the site. My name is robert and I'm from nm. Got a question and I'm hoping some of you could help. I have a Remington 7mm mag rifle that has a 3x9x40 leupold vxi scope mounted on it. I'm wanting to but a scope with a bdc reticle on it or a scope with marks for...
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    My New Mexico Unit 15 elk hunt

    I have the first muzzy hunt in unit 15 would love to know some info. Pm me or give me a call 505.385.6060

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