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    Want To Buy Iso remington model 7 stock

    I found a model 7 I really want. But dang those plastic stocks are trash!!!! I'm looking for one of the original black Bell and Carlson remington model 7 stocks. NON magnum barrel channel Or any traditional style fiberglass stock
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    Want To Buy Lightweight compact rifle

    I should rephrase. Im looking for something a little less factort, and a little more custom. Besides that. I know i can always find a nice handy factory rifle that fits what I'm looking for. I've also been toying with the idea of buying an Action and a pre-fit barrel. And putting something...
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    Want To Buy Lightweight compact rifle

    I'm looking for a smaller rifle for packing around. 6lbs with a 20-22 inch barrel, with a brake or at least threaded. Calibers in 243, 257rob, 260, 6.5 creed, or ??? I dont have any particular rifle in mind. Though I have had my eye on an older rem model seven .260 Thanks
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    For Sale TRADE. Christensen arms mpr 300wm, McMillan stock

    There is not a trade prefix.....sooooo
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    For Sale TRADE. Christensen arms mpr 300wm, McMillan stock

    Christensen arms mpr 300wm. McMillan game scout stock hinged floor plate. 26" barrel + slayer brake, and thread protector included Christensen arms 20moa rail that came on the rifle. (Didn't work with my seekins rings, but worked with others) And depending on trade. I have a seekins 20moa rail...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED delete

    Yikes these always pop when im just short on funds. I need someone to buy my Christensen arms 300wm asap!! 😁
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    Want To Buy Leupold bx3 or bx4 12x50

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a set of bx3 mojave or bx4 pro guide 12x binos. I can buy new. But I would rather buy used and save some money and help put some dollars in someone's pocket. :)
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    SOLD/EXPIRED .300 WM CA Traverse in McMillan Game Hunter: $2,300

    I have basically the same setup. But mine is a MPR in a game hunter stock. And a vx6hd 3-18×44 Such a great feeling setup. Who ever buys this will be one happy shooter!!
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    Seekins rings still loose

    Christensen arms did nothing. Their response was "buy another one off our site. If that one doesn't work then we will replace that one"
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    Seekins rings still loose

    Already ordered one.
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    Seekins rings still loose

    Mine has been been switched to a McMillan stock
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    Seekins rings still loose

    Yea ive been to a few different gun shops aswell. Coincidently enough nobody has rings or bases in stock. Cabelas does. All cheap stuff. But they wouldn't let me open a package to check if my rings or bases were out of spec. I did however just track down weaver rings and they tightened down...
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    Seekins rings still loose

    I already called. Leaving a message to seekins and CA gives me no answers to my problem

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