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    2 boxes of Remington Accutip 300 Win Mag

    An auction! I'll start the bidding at $0.25.
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    Swarovski 12x NL pures

    Just got an email that S&S Archery has them in stock.
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    @paulatherton21 I have a buddy in Colorado that wants to buy this rifle. I'm going to pm you his contact info.
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    700 LA

    I have a Remington 300 WM stainless XCR, complete rifle $600 obo.
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    Need Remington 700 LA Bottom Metal

    @2 the Plug I sent you a PM.
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    Need Remington 700 LA Bottom Metal

    I think I may have a factory Remington BDL bottom metal assembly. I'll check and update in a bit.
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    6.5 PRC Discussion

    There's an interesting thread on LRO about the 6.5 PRC SAAMI spec'd chambers being a little tight. Might not be relevant to the OP's issue, but may be to those reporting pressure signs with factory ammo.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED McMillan a6 Rem 700 sa

    @grouse Would you mind posting pics of the long action?
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    Trijicon RMR

    I'll try again
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    Trijicon RMR

    @Lymey did you get my pm's?
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    28 Nosler Reloading supplies and ammo

    I have a new set of Forster dies. Full length sizing and the micometer seating dies for $150 shipped.
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    Trijicon RMR

    PM sent
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    Trijicon RMR

    Would you mind posting a picture of the label on the outside of the box? Also a picture of the mounts would be helpful as well. Thanks!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED McMillan A-5 stocks fit 700 LA and clone

    I'll take the marble molded camo (top) stock. PM on the way.