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    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm and 30 cal ABLR and Berger bullets

    I'll take the Bergers PM Inbound
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    Magnetospeed V3***NEW

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    Magnetospeed V3***NEW

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    Magnetospeed V3***NEW

    Purchased new last month. It hasn't been out of the house. I got a great deal on a LabRadar and no longer need this. $350 OBO Shipped CONUS PayPal (FNF or buyer pays fee's) or Venmo
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    Interested Sending PM
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Lonepeak 7SAUM custom

    Nice looking rifle I have a couple of questions. I don't see the asking price for the complete setup What loads are you using to get 1/2" moa? Not sure what you mean by "has 200 rounds"? Is that the round count or does it come with 200 rounds?
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    There seems to be non illuminated X-5's in the classified's on a fairly regular basis
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    I'm surprised they discontinued the non-illuminated version. I picked one up a few months ago and really like it. It's built well, tracks well and the glass is amazing. I grew up with SFP scopes so that's all I really know.
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    Bought a .270 Today

    Inherited a Mauser .270. The gun hasn't been fired in over 40 years. The action is butter smooth. Looking forward to putting some lead down range with it.
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    Video of my 2020 bull elk harvest

    Nice bull. Congrats
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    One binocular to rule the mountains

    I really like the Zeiss 10x54 Victory RF. They have become my favorite chest carry bino's. The range finding function is very easy to use.
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    So you think powder is hard to find? Look for an upright freezer!

    The only one I could find a couple of months ago when mine went out was at Lowe's. It's made by a company called Midea. I had never heard of them but had no choice but to buy it.
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    Top 5 hunting rifles at/under $1K

    Can't go wrong with a Tikka T3. My old trusty Remington 700 7mm mag sits in the safe while my T3 in 300 WSM is my go to now. From Sitka Blacktail on Kodiak to desert sheep, mule deer, coues deer and elk in Arizona it's hard to beat.
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    I didn't want to be "That guy"

    Nice job, they may have never figured it out on their own.