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    You aren't alone. I'm an Arizonan, 76 years old , 30 Bighorn Sheep points.
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    Good substitute for Meindl Boots?

    I have problems with a neuroma in my left foot. Gave up 2 pairs of Danners for the Crispi Nevada. Break in was 2 days walking around in the house and outside in the yard. Hunted Javelinas in some ugly rocky country earlier this year. No problem with the neuroma. These are most comfortable boots...
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    Reloading supplies

    Found this when I searched for Zelle. Zelle's immediacy has also made it a favorite of fraudsters. Other types of bank transfers or transactions involving payment cards typically take at least a day to clear. But once crooks scare or trick victims into handing over money via Zelle, they can...
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    My son's Xmas present is shooting 25 moa! Help!

    This may help.
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    Scope mounting

    Farrell Industries, 1 piece rail and matched rings. Excellent quality. Definitely bed the rail. Rail bedding is not difficult. Good advice from 257 STW. Here is the link to Broz website. Can't go wrong with his methods...
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    Montana bighorn

    Whopper. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your success.
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    Carbide Expander Mandrel

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    Carbide Expander Mandrel

    New, never used Holland .308 carbide expander mandrel. All mandrels are C-6 Carbide and ground .0015 under bullet diameter. This allows for a .0005 spring-back, providing a PERFECT .002 grip/neck tension on the bullet. I purchased this mandrel and discovered that I already had a .308 mandrel...
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    Distance to lands, how close is too close?

    I clean the end of the barrel surface with solvent prior to applying 3M or Scotch brand plastic electric tape (cheap brands of electric tape always fail). 2 layers in a cross over the bore opening then a tight wrap down from the end of the barrel about 2 inches. I hunt in Arizona and Colorado...
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    Anti freeze

    5 years ago I decided to use anti seize compound after trying several different lubricants. Industrial or automotive anti seize withstand heat and pressure. It doesn't take much so a tube of this from your local auto parts store will last a long time.
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    Arizona Elk Hunt Draw Results?

    Regardless of what we read the cold hard fact is a monster computer glitch occured when they attempted to merge 2 data bases.
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    Bass pro shop has bought out sportmans warehouse !

    Parent company of Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's, The Great American Outdoors Group, has agreed to acquire Sportsman's Warehouse for $18 in cash per share, according to a press release. The parties expect the deal, which is subject antitrust review and a vote by Sportsman's Warehouse shareholders...
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    800 yard mule deer heart shot

    Thank you for sharing. I commend you for this selfless act of kindness. This is what real friends are all about. My Coues Whitetail hunting partner has been diagnosed with Parkinson's. He was unable to hunt the current season but we are planning to get him out in the 2021 season. We have access...
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    Anyone run tape over suppressor muzzle?

    I have been using 3M electric tape on the muzzle brake on my .300 WM for 6 years. No accuracy problems. The hot gas and pressure just shreds it around the brake. I tried balloons but gave up after day 1 because they shred if you go through brush.
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    Quality scope rings

    I have used various rings but have not found any that like as well as Farrell. Coupled with their rails the fit is perfect.