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    School me on how to evaluate the quality of rifle scope glass

    I have Kahles, Zeiss, Burris eliminators,Sharowski, and a Tasco and from a performance for a professional point of view the best light gathering scopes have a 56mm objective lens and once you adjust the rear of the scope to your eye so as to get a complete round picture then you will find a lot...
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    New to long range and big game hunting

    Welcome from Down under I have a Remington in 7mag and a Remington in 300ultra Mag both have been very good however the Tika is also preferred over the Bergaras.In New Zealand 270 cal is the common deer rifle but as is often said if you cant get it done with a 308 then give up
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    Is the .243 win on the way out?

    The 243W is a "go to gun" down under and I could not tell you guys how many ferrels have gone because of my Mauser FN 243W using 85-90g sierra game king projectiles - including Camels,Cape buffelo,and Samba and Fallow Deer not to mention a few Pigs If you cant get it done with 243W then give up
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    Better 6mm (not 243W) for hunting? Which one?

    SidPost have a look at the New Lithgow in either 243 or 6cred that is if you can get one in USA I have found that the Lithgow out shoots Tika, Sako,and a number of other makers and is now my go to rifle for commercial kulls
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    Antelope bullet

    I have tried every available projectile for 243 and as KSSHooter states the only projectile I will use now for everything is the Sierra Game king and for 243 its a 85 or 90 grain and if you place your shot right you can use a bow and arrow but a 243 will stop a Camel or a cape Buffelo in its...
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    High-end scope for ultralight hunting rifle?

    Bourney like the choice however have you tried the new Burris Eliminator mach 3 ? I have found it to be outstanding on my 7rem mag Haven't tried at 1400 meters yet but did do a head shot on a goat on the cut line at 680 meters Cheers from down under
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    Wolf down

    We dont have Wolves but we do have dogs that have gone Ferrel and kill in packs they make good hunting well done with the Wolves Dont kill all of them otherwise a shift in ecology will be seen as it was in Canada where they had to introduce some from another area
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    The Outhouse

    I like the out house although we have a different use for them down here but I have been known to knock a rabbit or to while taking a constitutional
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    Any good to eat ?

    Yep it is always good to get the small sow to eat however the big pig are ok if you age the meat
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    Hogs - No longer Nocturnal !?!

    Pigs are like any animal, they learn and they are probably one of the true surviving species on the planet and I sometimes feel they will survive like cockroaches we have killed thousands and the next year they are back but more cunning so they due seem to pass on genetics where survival is...
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    14 degree snowshoe hike today

    yep some of these things are big because they get into oats and no body hunts them in some areas - most are only small and nasty but I heard of one sited in the gulf of Carpentaria (northern point of Australia)that the farmer there described it as a steer - all of these started out originally as...
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    14 degree snowshoe hike today

    Guy that's interesting about the Tag quote Here we don't have any quoters except for professional Kangaroo shooters that shoot for human consumption However they can clear an area or reduce the numbers by about 150 per night but they must be head shot otherwise its a $300 fine With Pigs its as...
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    14 degree snowshoe hike today

    Great shots Guy My name is Geoff so tell me are these goats good to eat? or are they just trophies Over here we are either hunting for the meat or eradicating pests only some times some of my friends take a trophy deer most of the hunt-able animals here are introduced species that have grown up...
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    14 degree snowshoe hike today

    Absolutely fabulous photos and you don't know how envious I am to see that kind of country although people tell me that living in snow is a pain but for someone who has never seen a white Christmas only 40deg C at Christmas it looks great Snow shoes Hmm do they tier you out having your legs...
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    How hard is it to build a rifle by yourself??

    Yes I have had guns with both forms of coatings and have found that the Cerakote is the only way to go particularly in harsh environments The Hydro dipped stocks looked flash in the camo print but didn't stand up to the usual bush scratches so it depends on whether you want a gun to be fancy for...

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