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    4831SC in my 270 win???

    Thanks for the definition. I have only just realised this is an old thread & not sure if the OP is even around any more? Im still a fair bit concerned that the OP doesn't seem to have followed normal safe reloading work up practices!! So they are a coated projectile, I've trialed them in a...
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    4831SC in my 270 win???

    From what I am reading you didn't work up a load for this new projectile & just loaded up 59gr would that be correct? What is a BST anyway??
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    Ultimate new hunting rifle build

    Do you know the energy required for a clean effective kill at 1200yrds? Its a lot different to hitting steel!! I know a lot of you guys one here are well versed in this sort of thing as far as knowing the knock down power at those distances but an Elk if a pretty big animal & I my thoughts are...
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    You think guns and ammo is expensive?

    There is a fair bit of price gouging going on here as well by some people. Just remember who they are & when this is all over tell all you know never to buy from them again. Its called Karma! Australian police have been arresting people who have been working in large groups wiping out...
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    Barrel cleaning and settling down...

    Your ranges are still open :oops: Anyway did you remove the barreled actions from the stocks?? If you did then did you toque them back to the exact same original torque?? This could be part of it, coupled with letting the barrel re foul. In saying that it usually only takes 3 or 4 shots...
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    Best Method for Setting up a Turret Style Scope

    How far/distance do you intent to shot out to & how many moa of adjustment does the scope have? You will get to a point that as @dfanonymous has mentioned you may need a 20 or 30 moa rail but you need to work that out on a ballistics calc to what your loads are to find how far out & how many MOA...
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    Bullet Penetration

    Your asking 2 questions here, for the question in red heavier projectiles traveling close to the same speed the heavier one will have more energy, its like a 1 tonne car & a 2 tonne car traveling at the same speed side by side & trying to stop, the heavier car will take longer to stop due to its...
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    Is my trigger safe?

    Yeh not sure 4oz on a hunting rifle is wise. Sure off the bench. I actually hunt deer all the time with a loaded bolt rifle(on safety of course), my shots are usually within 50-100yrds so if I was to chamber a round the game would be over. After all, don't they say treat every rifle as if it...
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    Every seen anything like this?

    Still you did catch it in the end which is the main thing so well done. Just speculating but I think if you shot that round it would have still hit close to the mark. I don't think it would have had a major failure coming out of the barrel. But hey, the safest thing to do is just pull it &...
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    Every seen anything like this?

    Not sure how it got to the point of being seated before it was noticed 🤨
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    ??? Correct process; adjust seating depth

    Absolutely! I do all my LD for any of my cartridges with any projectile the same way. Start at 10thou off the lands, go through the charge range, pick the best group of 5 shots, change CBTO for that load to 5thou, 15thou & 20thou. Once I have found the best from those changes I will then again...
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    Prepping brass

    I would say no. The only benefit would be time & space saving. But the thing is when you buy a unit you then have to buy all the pilots to suit the machine. That's even more $$. They are a good idea & if your just getting into it then it is an investment worth considering. But the answer to...
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    Help Resizing

    Id be putting a scope on the side of the die & consider changing lubes. Do the sized cases chamber?
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    Help Resizing

    Have you cleaned the sizing die & did you try another lube like Redding imperial wax??
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    ELDx seating depth. 7mm Mag

    I start all my loads the same way no matter what projectile it is. And that is at 10thou off the lands, I go through the charge range & find the best group. I then change the CBTO to 5thou, 15th & 20thou. I have never had to go any further/deeper into the case before finding the right depth...