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  • Hi Mike,
    just wondering if you have any scopes up for sale or if you have any coming up soon....I have a buddy looking for something like the last two I bought. let me know

    thanks and happy 4th!
    Thanks for getting back to me Mike. Sorry for my delayed response. I'm traveling with work over the next two weeks out of the country and I may be slow getting back, but I'd like to know the time frame you may have that available.
    Landon, I may have another one coming up like the ones I posted. Those last two were a special deal where I saved an extra $100 and passed it on. If you are interested in a 5-25x RDP MIL reticle, lit red and fully loaded of course full Lifetime warranty it retails at $3301 and I can get it delivered to you at $2350. It comes to you directly from USO.
    Hi Mike.

    Nick, who purchased the USO scopes from you said it may be worth checking in with you to see if any more of those scopes are coming your way. I was watching your post on the sale of those and hoping they would drop in my range, but I list track of it and the next time I checked they were gone. Great buy for Nick! Any chance you have something in the pipe for this scope? Thanks for the time. - Landon
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