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    OTC tag Colorado

    Gonna say...cow tags are definitely cheaper, if you can still get one. Definitely give it a try. If no cow tags and money no issue, each buy a bull tag. If money is tight just have one of you with a tag and the other can help and be in the woods, learning just as much. You'd be bummed if...
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    Need a little advice

    Predatorslayer - good post. Yes I agree and you make good, reasoned points in the latest post. I just wish you'd said it that way in post 17 is all. You said Post 17 sure didn't sound like that. That read like a 338 IS the wrong answer, and only a person that doesn't elk hunt much or...
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    Need a little advice

    Never said I was a 7mm guy. Don't know where you got that. Said my daughters shoot 7mm (7SAUM vs their old 260). I'm a .300/.338 fan for elk. I've killed them with .264 and .260. You're the one that said: "Most people who grow up in elk country shoot a humble 243, 270 win...". Just...
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    Need a little advice

    No, that's the lie, that good marksmanship is ALL that matters and bullet weight and construction doesn't matter. (It also assumes no one shooting 300 mags can shoot well and only the .243 guys are good shots) With that logic, why not just hunt with a .22 or better yet, I've got a new 20 cal...
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    Need a little advice

    Well, just so predator slayer doesn't speak for all who grew up and live in Elk Country... I agree they aren't bullet proof, and hundreds of posts on here of people taking them with .243s. However, I (and most of the people I hunt around) are in the .284 cal and bigger category for elk. I know...
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    Which boots?

    I mentioned the meindls because they're below the price point you stipulated... not a $400+ boot, but in the same performance range as those. Just fyi
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    Which boots?

    Go to meindleusa. Meindle makes great boots, used to be sold by cabelas, but now it appears direct. They get great reviews and I've owned several pairs and hunt rough country here in Colorado... they've held up great. Highly recommended.
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    Anyone familiar with unit 67 Colorado for muleys? I drew

    Tend to have better luck on the North End. Even early hunting, the deer didn't seem to like the above-timberline stuff to the South, like they tend to like early in other units. It was kinda weird. Plenty of Elk to the South, but no so much on the deer...with my limited experience. Good luck.
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    First time OTC elk hunt help.

    Well, this thread is a bit stale, but felt like tossing in my $.02 I guess with a thing or two that maybe wasn't mentioned. If this is just a once or twice hunt, that's one thing, but if you plan to try to hunt elk regularly, getting to know an area is key. If you were a buddy of mine, I'd say...
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    ML suggestions for 16 year old girl?

    Just a warning on the aperture cautious. Try them in low light first. I tried some looking to get more precise aiming, but all it took was 5 seconds looking through them in low-light to know that wasn't my answer. Maybe some are better than others, but way too hard to see through...
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    Help with semi guided or drop camp elk hunt

    Mnovak - I think you are barking up the right tree with semi-guided/spike camp. You get someone to point you in the right direction and have help to pack out an animal. No - I don't have contacts for you, but I know many different outfitters offer this. I also agree, getting access to private...
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    First Elk/Muley Hunt (lessons learned)

    Good observations. It will feel nuts, but when you start out on a big hike, you should start almost just in your base layer/underwear. Even at zero degrees, your body heat will keep you warm, just keep snow out of boots and probably light gloves to keep hands warm. Trick is to carry enough...
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    most practical mountain rifle?Sako 85 caliber...270 WSM?

    Well that looks like around $2000 us. As long as that doesn't have to go down 30% more you are right in the semi custom/everything custom but the action category. If you could go that way, you could pick basically any chambering you wanted, have a better, match grade barrel, high end stock...
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    Help w/ First Hunting Rifle

    Understand. I was already assuming that in that number. You add in stock and bedding, bottom metal, barrel and chambering, etc and you'd go over $2500 but not by a lot. I just had a couple built recently so I'm pretty familiar with the numbers. I had a few smart gunsmiths point this out to...
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    Go west young man...

    Uh, I'm sure you have reasons but why is driving always the metric? Unless hauling a ton of stuff or ton of people flying is usually as cheap or cheaper and a whole lot faster. Round trips starting around $300. Just saying...If you consider that, airports and airlines at them trump distance...

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