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    Load Development with Berger VLD's

    Case volume to bullet jump coralation has been my focus and have done this for decades. With @QuietTexan post 4 made me believe I'm not the only one off my rocker. Glad too see someone else thinks like me good or bad;)! If you shoot only 1 specific bullet you might have it made when it...
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    300 PRC 1:8 twist: Lightest bullets with accuracy.

    Give it a try on JBM calculator!
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    300 PRC 1:8 twist: Lightest bullets with accuracy.

    Length does have more effect compared to weight is more true. Just agreeing with you.
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    Recommendations for H4831SC

    Hornady 22-250 shows w760, but nothing for Nosler in either 48311sc or Hornady.
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    Do you need David's number?
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    STILL : No Sierra GK bullets!!

    Has to be a typo? SMK are the only hollow. GK are sp and fmj and some varmint too. I have maybe 20 in 140Spbt 26cal Sierras (that's bullets, not boxes)?
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    Opinions needed

    For accuracy loads I use a power throw just shy of what I need and add just too the point of 1st number (example; load 30.0gr, power throw to 29.8 then ease by hand into 1st hit at 30.0). I do this with beam scale also. I don't like the +/- .1gr issue. Anealer would be my choice. Not sure...
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    178 ELD-X and 300 WSM load data?

    The Hornady #10 and #11 has the info. What or where were you talking about being pulled?
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    New Member - Texas

    Not much quail now either blues or bobs. Good eat'n!
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    New Member - Texas

    Welcome from West Texas that's more north than North Texas (at least where I'm at)!
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    .224 Cartridge AR-15 Options - Long Range Target and Varmint

    I usually go up a caliber. 22ca 75gr go up 24cal 75gr. You lose a bit of bc, but not much. Neck the valk to 6mm?
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    Nosler 9 edition?

    Since they updated it should be the same? I don't have the manual with me for comparison.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Revic PMR 428

    I would buy it in a heart beat, but lack the funds. It's on my buy list!
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    Holy crap im glad I hoarded

    WOW! I complain about farm fuel being 3 bucks!