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    270 WSM an vv570?

    Im wanting to try some vv570 with the berger eol 170 gr. Anyone have a starting load data?
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    270 wsm brass

    Found some thanks
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    270 wsm brass

    Anyone have some norma or nolser brass. Picked up a new Kimber Montana
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    Lots of guns for sale

    Even though I was first to post that Ill take the 375 midwesthunter has just now told me he sold to someone else. I guess with the poor communication its for the best. Im requesting the the new owner’s name of the 375 be posted. Im curious on how that its not me because I was the first to...
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    Lots of guns for sale

    Ill take the 375 pre 64 winchester
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB - Sako Action

    saw a 579 action at Tulsa this weekend but he was asking $800.
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    270 win loads?

    thanks for the starting place. Hope the weather is better this weekend.
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    270 win loads?

    I know the 270 is old news but these new bullets an powders much just make a screamer. I got a pre-64 with 1x8 26"brux doing the breaking now with some old 150gr. Ready to start on the 165 matrix soon
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    270 win loads?

    I need some starting loads for berger 170 eol an 165 matrix an reloader 26 an VV n570.
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    6.5 sherman

    Im pumped today started breaking in my barrel my TI stock was a challenge to learn to shoot. But with free recoling it made it come together. Reloader 26 with 140 a-max .05 off the lands. I'm happy with this 3 shot group. I have a #2 brux and 5 shot groups opened up to about 1/2" at 100 yards...
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    275 h&h

    I bought a 275 H & H with dies that the previous owner had rechambered to 7 mag. I never could get to shoot well. then had someone tell me to measure the bore. It was .288. Made a great tomato stake.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Matrix .277 165 grain VLD bullets

    I will take these pm sent
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Remington 700 LA sporter stock

    I think I found a Ti stock on 24 hour campfire. thanks to everyone's replies
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Remington 700 LA sporter stock

    I sent message to you earlier about your edge

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