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    308 win still worth having

    I got my first 308 52 years ago, I was 14. A 742 Remington. I still have a few. All the hype about the new calibers 🙄. I reload and shoot weekly. I get amused at the range. 250 yards is easy. After that, the game changes. My favorite now is is a 7-08, 120gr bullets. Light recoil. Just MO. 😁
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    Use a grain mill to make your own tumbling media.

    I’ve use rice,add some Turtle Wax rubbing compound. Works better than any thing I’ve used in last 40 years. No red residue inside the case.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Updated: 7mm, .224 and .222 bullets for Sale

    You still have 7mm TTSX Barnes
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    I’ve got 2 boxes of 32 H&R Magnum. Black hills 85gr JSP. Muskogee area. Sell or trade for something?
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    This is CRAZY...

    I travel on a regular basis. I’m seeing components back on the shelves. Powder mostly, Not so much bullets. Primers are available, $8-$10/100. My opinion is wholesalers are holding it ransom.
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    Primer sale on Gun Broker

    Sunrise sunrise
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    Primer sale on Gun Broker

    Last week, I saw 4 cases in a store in Arkansas, of Federal LR Magnum primers $99.99. Another store in Oklahoma, pistol primers $7.99/100, limit 3. The wholesalers are buy most of it and holding it for ransom!
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    Advice an input for those who reload for 308 Winchester and own 10FCP rifles

    I’ve loaded for .308 for many year. I full length size. They then go in the vibrating tub, I use rice for the media, Turtle Wax paste compound for the agent. Trim to length with Lee hand trimmer. I used 4064 for many years. Switched to Varget. I don’t get the flyers any more.
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    Are you shooting as much with the ammo shortage ?

    I was in a sporting goods store today. That had large rifle primers, limit 1 brick. $99.99 😟.
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    Pressure Signs WAY before max charge ??

    I’ve been working up a load for my A-Bolt 7MM-08. Hornady brass, WLR primers, Nosler 120 BT, H-414 49.0 grs. I have not ran into any problems. 44.0 grs Varget is preforming very well in my rifle also. I have a Savage 22-250 that doesn’t like Varget In any amount. Sticky bolt, flattened primer. I...
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    How far can you connect?

    Longest shot on whitetail 250 yards. Lot of missed shots less than 50 yards! Thing’s happen fast in the thick brush.