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    Magpul Stock REM700 SA RH

    Still available. This is at a local gun store, it is not mine. I'm just passing along the info for a Magpul Hunter stock in excellent condition.
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    Magpul Stock REM700 SA RH

    Magpul Stock REM700 SA RH A buddy of mine had this for a range trip or two, then he bought a folding chassis. I don't know much about Magpul stocks, but this one looks very nice in person. It has the mag well option that takes AICS mags. $250 OBO plus ship. Thanks for looking.
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    SOLD REM700 take-off stock SOLD

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    SOLD REM700 take-off stock SOLD

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    Scope for Long Range

    I grabbed a SWFA 5-20 for my new 300WinMag. I also have an extra Bushnell sitting here, but it has 34mm tube and I wanted a nice 30mm tube on this rifle.
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    NightForce NX8 2.5-20x50 Rings?

    NF 1.0 would be great, and have room for scope flip caps. .885 height, the scope rear section is pretty close to the bolt/thumb when running the bolt, depending of rifle make and bolt throw.
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    Budget scope rings....... (Flame suit on)

    Seekins makes the rings for Vortex, correct? I have a couple of their rings, work fine.
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    Found out who makes Cabelas scopes

    $100 china scopes = airsoft quality
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    Precision Rimfire Scopes

    If you can parallax down to 25 yards, should be good. 25 is the closest I have gone on any rimfire match. Rifle is zero at 50, and 0.2MIL Down for a 25 yd shot.
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    Loss of Love for Leupold, New scope time.

    Bushnell coming out with a new hunter scope in February?
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    Not Camera Land's "Normal" SHOT Show Kickoff Post

    Thank you for the great customer service and fast shipping.
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    hi let me know if you still have the SWFA 5-20 HD MIL quad. Thanks. [email protected]

    hi let me know if you still have the SWFA 5-20 HD MIL quad. Thanks. [email protected]
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    Barrel Life

    This makes me feel better since I'm shooting 50gr in my 223 bolt gun (1:9)
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    Looking for a new scope $1000 or under

    Nightforce SHV or Bushnell. If you wanted FFP I would also say NF or Bushnell. I have all FFP now and really like both brands.
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    Choose a barrel:

    Steel. The big question is what length and twist?