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    How Many Different Cartridges Do You Reload For?

    i reload for many calipers 223,243,270,30-06,7mm. for 223,270 i do 2 loads for. 223 i do a 55 grain fmj for the ar15. i do a 62 grain fmj for my axis. i do a 130 grain hornady sp for hunting and a 150 grain.
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    Help: screw stripped

    any gunsmiths you recommend je customs
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    Long range hunter and competition shooter.

    Long range hunter and competition shooter.
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    Help: screw stripped

    i recently acquired a used savage model 200 for a great deal. Looked over bore when buying it. everything was clean. Had no scope or rail for the scope. when hope ordered rail and nikon 3-9x40mm for it. got the rail and scope. tried to put on rail and on of the screw holes was stripped. how do i...
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    1/2" or 1/4" MOA?

    1/4 more precise calculations and a lot easier to understand

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