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    Feature rich ffp midrage scope?

    VX6 is 2399 up here... no go on that one. I have checked out the nightforce, but would really like to go FFP. I think I'm going to try to find a gen 1 PST and just tape the windage turret! Thanks for all the suggestions.
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    Feature rich ffp midrage scope?

    $1330 CAD for the pst gen 2. I wasn't overly impressed with the one I looked at though. I thought the turrets were mushy and the overall scope quality wasn't that much better for the how much they ask for them. And they are nearly 27 OZ
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    Feature rich ffp midrage scope?

    Hi everyone. I am looking to find a compact light feature rich ffp scope in the 2.5-10 range. I have in my mind the Vortex PST (gen 1) 2.5-10x40 ffp with ebr-1 mill reticle. I want to keep the scope under 20oz and under $1000 US (I am in Canada and everything is 30%-50% more here). The features...
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    22" barrel or less unbraked mountain rifle

    If I go 300 WSM I will be going with a Sako. There really is no comparison in quality, at least form a production rifle. For the cost, I may just pick up a used XCR rem 700 and have the barrel cut. Put it in a wildcat stock and call it a day. The cost is just a little too much for me to go...
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    22" barrel or less unbraked mountain rifle

    I have looked into the .325 WSM. Its a little more popular around here than the Federal. I just don't see it doing anything special enough to bother with the lack of ammo availability. I think that so far my best bet is still a tikka t3 lite in 300 wsm or .338 win mag, or find another Remington...
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    22" barrel or less unbraked mountain rifle

    the .30-06 has definitely crossed my mind too. I just have a fondness of .338's
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    22" barrel or less unbraked mountain rifle

    Thanks for the input guys. There are some great suggestions here. I guess I should have been a little more clear though. I need to stick to more common calibers. I am a B.C resident, so being in Canada firearm components/ammunition is substantially more difficult to find. I travel to northern...
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    22" barrel or less unbraked mountain rifle

    Hi all. I am going to be buying another rifle soon. I would like something in a backpacking weight. I have a bit of a fondness for .338 cal rifles, which don't really go hand in hand with light or short. I already have a .338 RUM that is 9.5 lbs and a 18 lbs Lapua, with a 26"+brake and a 28"...
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    tikka t3x ctr tac vs m700 mil spec vs ?

    My brother has the CTR. I have handled and shot a few mil specs. I would say that the mil spec is a tougher rifle and most of them shoot very well, but a lot heavier and no detachable mag. The CTR is a smoking good deal for the price point, but has its downfalls. The mag system is good, but...
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    Which Vortex Scope do i need?

    If you work with the metric system more, use Mill. Imperial more, use MOA. The Concept is the same, just takes some number memorization and you can switch between the two pretty easy. If you don't understand the difference between FFP and SFP, you probably don't need the extra cost of FFP. My...
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    most practical mountain rifle?Sako 85 caliber...270 WSM?

    Hi there everybody. I have been trying to decide on a lightweight rifle with some really defined parameters. I have the Heavy weights covered in .338 RUM and Lapua (though I am a sucker for big .338s), as well as small 5.56 through 6.5's. I also have a tikka T3 Varmint in 7 Rem mag ( that my...
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    6.5cm vs 7mm-08??

    16"-18" tube is a little short for a 6.5 CM, No? I think I would opt for a 308, just to have the more efficient round in the short tube. 22" barrel I would start looking into the 7-08 and 6.5. If barrel length wasn't a consideration I would go 6.5CM for sure.
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    Who has a 308 Norma

    308 NORMA is great, but in that class of cartridges there is no need to deviate from the plain jane 300WM. Its just too standardized and plain awesome. But that's me... I don't like re-inventing the wheel.
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    Need help building new rifle

    If you need a .338, and that a big IF, I would go with a standard Lapua Magnum unless you have about an extra 1k. I know that it is easy enough to fire form most of the Lapua improved cases but to do it every time you need to resize is a pain, unless you get custom dies or a hydro former. Both...

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