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    Projectile damage

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    Projectile damage

    High all. This is not exactly long range but this does apply. Had a bit of fun with my spare parts 6.5x55 swede sporter. It loves the 139 lapau scenars with 3 shots at 100 meters running at .250". Got some 143 gr eld-x's to try loved them too but the first group was a worry at 5 shot at nearly...
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    22-250 AI ELDM 88gr

    Interested in this cause I am building the same thing but with a 28 inch barrel and using slower powder with the 88gr eldm. Not sure now after reading this weather to stick 22-250 or go the AI route. How are you finding the feeding of the AI case?
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    7x57 mauser in a 700 short action

    7mm-08 is a 7x57 wanna be. Difference is the 7mm-08 will fit in a short action but the 7x57 (7mm mauser) really needs a long action to get the best out of it. Fyi, in modern actions like comercial 98 mauser actions the full potential of the 7x57 can be acheived which is WAY more powerful than...
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    Ruger M77 Tang

    Hi all. Love these tang safety rugers. Sorry to hijack but I am desperate. Any ony have a Tang safety button I could purchase. Lost mine. I live in Australia. Cheers
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    Ruger M77 Tang

    Never heard of a ruger blowing up. Tried to do it once on a m77mk2 action, broke the trigger sear and firing pin spring. Parts replaced and that rifle is still going strong.
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    Ruger M77 Tang

    I have bedded mine and floated the barrel. 3 stain less pillars and stainless steel Devcon. Perfect fit and as long as the bolts are tight is shoots well. Doing a little extra stock work atm too.
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    Pillar bedding tubberware stock

    Done plenty and pillar bedding in these stocks really isnt necessary. Undercut the sides and ruff up the base. No need to drill holes as they get hard to fill and can weaken the stock. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean the stock surfaces where you are going to bed. After bedding float the barrel. I...
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    New barrel velocity decreasing

    Keep cleaning till you cant see any more orange streaks in the muzzle area and patches come out clean. Then run the barrel in with the traditional method. A lot of time first up but then it will be much better in the long run. Just get the chamber recut and head spaced dead simple to do on a...
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    6.5CM vs 6.5PRC???

    Um no. 260 remington is made from 308 winchester brass. 6.5 CM is a different beast
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    22-250 Load Suggestions

    I am building a 22-250 AI with a 28 inch 1 in 7 twist tube. Being built around the 88gr ELD-M. I hope to use it out past 600m. Building it on a Ruger VT action.
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    Barrel cleaning and settling down...

    All of my rifles including my military 303's and 6.5's have had a good brake in and cleanig regime. All shoot perfectly with clean cold shot hitting the same point as a warm fouled bore. Guess it really comes down to the quality of the barrel and how it was treated from new. I can put 100...
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    What are your thoughts on this technique?

    I am looking at it from an engineers/gusmithing point of view. There os no way to guarantee the chamber and throat are perfectly aligned. Seems to me to be a solution to a problem that doesn't really exist if a barrel is indext correctly when it is chambered. A lot of work for little to no gain...
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    What are your thoughts on this technique?

    Those group sizes are nothing special. Seen way better with conventional barreled rifles.
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    What are your thoughts on this technique?

    Seems to me to be a whole lot of work to maybe fix a problem that doesn't exist. Seems to me to be way more thing that can be miss aligned. They can keep there patent, I certainly won't be wasting my time with this method.

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