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    Bullet failures

    I personally don't think the bullets fail, I think we fail at understanding. Prime example I certified with muzzle loader in Alaska, most accurate bullet and load I found was 295 gr SST ( Hornady ) with 80gr pyrodex. Shot my first moose at 15 yards. Died 6 steps away heart shot. I caped out...
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    Bolt Sticks

    Just had same issue, with 270 core loks. Turns out after contacting Remington, shells were over 20 years old. Over pressure the cartridge just enough. Bolt would not rotate without solid pull and tapping with leather mallet
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    CVA Question

    I put it on myself, I have a bunch of old shirts for applying bore butter. As far as shooting, I prefer prelubed patches.
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    CVA Question

    A lot depends on humidity, my muzzleloader in Kentucky would rust in 24 hours if I did not clean it. Here in Alaska the air is super dry can let it go a few weeks. Best rule of thumb with black powder is clean it like you won't need it for 6 months. I use bore butter on my barrel, I have for...
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    270 winchester

    I have about 10 years worth. Lol. Accubonds are my backup. Till they discontinue them
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    270 winchester

    I run Hornady 130 gr GMX bullets. Running right around 3053fps with 4064, on everything up to and including moose and bear. It is a solid bullet, great expansion light recoil and incredible accuracy. My rifle will shoot half inch group at 200yrds.
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    Vintage reloading books

    Found these cleaning out an older footlocker, going to go though them and compare Data from 76,79 to current load data. Lucky find I guess.
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    0-300yrds hunthing

    My personal choice for moose in Alaska is 270win, with 130 gmx bullet. I will always stay away from front shoulder on entry ( don't like blood shot meat). I will wait for the right shot opportunity to present itself on moose behind the front shoulder. 0-300 it will punch thru front shoulder...
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    30 super smith.

    I found this load data, in the box with the rifle
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    30 super smith.

    So , I came across a unique cartridge. The box says Weatherby crossed out. In its place is 30 super Smith. Inspection of cartridge is a Weatherby 378 case necked down to 30 caliber. Does anyone have any extra info on this cartridge it is in a mark 5. Thanks in advance
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    270 bullet best for whitetailed deer

    I have found TY he best bullet for my 270 in Alaska is the 130gr gmx from Hornady. It will still expand at 700, not as much as 200. But if you do your job put the bullet where it belongs. Busted through front shoulder on moose at 450yrds and exited mid rib. I like accubonds and partitions also...
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    30 belted newton

    Awesome , I can find Norma dies easir than 30-338 dies. Thank you very much
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    270 Win vs 6.5 PRC

    I personally hunt with the Tikka 270. I use a 130 gr gmx bullet on everything up to moose to 500yrds. I also have a 6.5 swede, I look at travel and ammo. If I fly and lose my ammo for what ever reason, which is easiest to find. The 270 on deer a 130 accubond or partition are more than enough...
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    Rifle for 10 year old.

    I bought one of my daughters a 7-08 and the other one a 6.5 swede in a tikka. They both enjoyed shooting the swede. Both have hunted moose and black bear with the 6.5 swede. It has very little recoil, I bought a custom stock with spacers from Boyd's. Once they were older I let them pick out...
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    30 belted newton

    Perfect thank you. Hate having a piece of history and not shoot it.