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    Proof vs hells canyon carbon barrel

    JMGamesniper19 From my limited experience with epoxy and resin in the Maritime industry there is an ideal resin to composite ratios ie(carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass, etc). The purpose of the resin is to hold the materials in shape and also to spread load and strength between the individual...
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    Left Hand 338 Lapua

    I’m Still looking for a gun. Thanks
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    Left Hand 338 Lapua

    I’m looking for a Left Hand 338 Lapua Custom action is really my only requirements, no opened up boltfaces. Looking for something to play with for longer range steel target shooing, and possibly some brown bear. Price limit of $3000 depending on components possibly more. Let’s see what...
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    Your Ultimate 500 Yard Rig

    Through trial and error and I’m getting close to my ideal gun for where I’m at in Alaska. Tikka T3 Action 300 Wsm Hardy Carbon barrel 22” Titanium Break Ziess V6 3-18 Hawkins Rings 8.3 lbs ready to go with bipod. Red Snake Tactical bottom metal to seat long +3.2” needs to be installed...
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    Sitka Blacktail - POW Island, AK

    Awesome write up! I live a couple islands away from POW and have hunted there. It is tough terrain period. The wet weather, blueberry bushes, and devils club put your clothing and equipment to the absolute test. There is no way to stay dry, ie you either are sweating with rain gear on or your...
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    Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14X50

    Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x50 MOA dial Mildot rectical Slight ring marks and some scrapes on turrets glass is clear with one little dot on the objective lens. Scope was used in the field. TPS rings that have been lapped included. Asking $550 shipped USPS Mo or PayPal
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    300WM Dies/Case Measuring Tools

    I’ll take the competition die set.
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    Short barrel magnum performance

    I’ve got a Tikka T3 in 7mm rem mag that I’m going to put a 22” CF Hardy barrel on. I’ve gone with a 1:9 twist and going to mess around with 215 Berger Hybrid and some 200 TSXs as well as wells as the 180 elite hunter. It seem like guys have shot a .308 win mag and 215 hybrid with good results...
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    SIG Kilo 2400 with Applied Ballistics!!

    Hey Guys, I wanted to update everybody on the issues I had with my Kilo 2400. I ended up talking with numerous people we tried everything. I ended up sending it back to sig, and they said that the key allowing the rangefinder and the Applied Ballistics software to work was missing or just...
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    SIG Kilo 2400 with Applied Ballistics!!

    I'm not able to get my rangefinder to calculated elevation or wind holds, I've made sure it set up for Line of sight instead of AMR, Iphone 6plus, Hard reset on the phone, software updated Deleted Sig App and reinstalled Selected and deselected profiles on rangefinder I've tried ranging from...
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    Different kind of Picture

    That looks sweet, fun twist on a gun pic! I had to take a second look to really understand what was going on.
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    BUYER: Wackinandstackin243

    Buyer wackinandstackin243 purchased a rifle from me. He sent payment quickly as promised. Quick to respond to messages and a pleasure doing business with. Thank you
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    New rifle build

    Travis builds great guns, I had him build a 6.5 saum and it shoots great! He responded quickly to emails and phone calls. Best communication I've had from a gunsmith, and that's from 3 different smiths. I have a 7mm and a 300 and will probably sell them and have Rbros build me a 300wm when the...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Long Range Rifles 7wsm

    Rifle SPF.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Long Range Rifles 7wsm

    300wineMag PM replied.