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    Check this out.

    I know of the melanistic phases of animals but have just always assumed if was from the inbreeding with the domestic dogs that people have abandoned. I guess it comes from the pictures that get circulated when someone gets something special. I’ve seen some cool colors like blonde and mark...
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    Check this out.

    Black yotes are pretty common in the southern states. Always cool to get one though, no matter where you’re from.
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    I want to get into duck hunting

    I’ll vouch for the Franchi Affinity. Love mine
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    On the fence

    Hey guys. Just joined and figured I’d ask y’alls opinions. Fella I know is letting go of a Remington 700 sps stainless chambered in 300wsm. It’s in great shape. Has a DNZ one piece mount hold a diamond back 4-12x40. Asking $650. I’m on the fence about it. Sound reasonable?

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