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    My new big boy pistol.

    Gorgeous photo. I sure don’t remember Antelope Valley having so many trees when I lived there….grin.
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    Coyote hunting tips

    Dan Thompson (RIP - Dan Thompson Game Calls) from Rawlins, WY had a baby badger that his daughter used to walk on a leash around town. When I met Dan in 1992 his badger ”Bear” was huge! Dan would take Bear along when he was calling. Bear did his “badger thing” and wandered around while Dan...
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    Any Interest in a 330gr-350gr .338?

    Hey, Vanders, Did you mean the 245 grain Lehigh .338? Typing Finger got you. I was sure wanting to try a 145 grainer in my .338-06. Sounded fun. 😁
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    Packable poncho

    You might look at the Hazard4 Poncho Villa in coyote. Looks expensive but it ought to get you 10 years worth at less than $15 a year…(I don’t own one. I have lots of other cold weather and rain gear) It gets great reviews...
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    Accuracy lost then cause found.

    Knurling grin Glad you found the problem. I’ve drilled out the holes and glued in a piece of oak dowel, cut to length and drilled a new pilot hole. Then screwed the sling adapter back in.
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    Ramblings and Such From Hunting Coyote

    Dave, I remember the coyote incident in Guernsey. I was stationed in Wheatland 2000-2008. One of my friends on the railroad told me about it.
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    17 Remington Shooters

    Win 760, 25 Hornady HP, Remington 7.5
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    Old recipe deemed Unsafe in new manuals. Suggestions?

    From where do you sink ze name E. I. DuPont de Niemours originates, zen? Eh? Oui, c'est Francais. (Say it out loud, Inspector Clouseau voice, Monsieu.🤣)
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    Ramblings and Such From Hunting Coyote

    Josey Wales, As in Joe-see. Not Jose, As in Hose-a. 🙄
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    Talk to me about Barrel Tuners

    How about both in one photo?
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    Talk to me about Barrel Tuners

    He might know tuners, but I would never let him pour a concrete slab for me….
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    Late April coyote.

    You don’t have to go to the bread store to get bred….😀
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    4895 powder new to reloading

    Sorry you feel beat up. No offense was intended. If you had provided background information like quoted above you would have received a different response. I don’t know you or your history or experience in reloading. Likely few here do. Good on your dad for getting you involved. Your original...
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    4895 powder new to reloading

    As a new reloader you really should start by looking in your reloading manual for the cartridges you plan to reload or buy in the future and see if it is appropriate for those you have or want. As others have mentioned you can also check powder manufacturers websites online. Bonus: You’ll...