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    Want To Buy Kimber Montana or select classic

    I have a .280 AI that has been dipped, not threaded I am currently hunting with. pm if interested
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    Winchester Model 70 .280 Remington upgrade to AI

    Another way to skin this cat is to spend $25 on some 140 grain absolute hammer bullets and see if your barrel will spin them. Velocity gain may put you right where you want to be... Or you can measure your twist and just call Steve.
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    Writer needed - Anything related to women in shooting sports or hunting

    [email protected] has been great sharing her stories and world class photos...
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    NXS 2.5-10 two of these

    Nice Adirondack!
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    Thank you sellers...

    Wanted to thank the sellers who take the time to change the main title of their sold items as SOLD. I cruise the want ads to zone out and find clicking on a sold item (sometimes for the third time) to be annoying. Really a simple thing since this forum is such a great site to pass along items to...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Kuiu Pro Pack (Complete)

    What are your impressions? Likes or dislikes...? Moving to different size or brand?
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    Hand tight switch barrel accuracy?

    Finding this discussion and the information provided by some of our top shelf gentleman incredibly interesting!! Better than bourbon. At this hour anyway... Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge!
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    300 Win Mag brass from Blackhills

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    Kimber Hunter

    I would suggest to step up to the Montana line. Yes it is more costly but still a GREAT value. On the Hunter line, I can't get past the plastic stock and the clip is square and has poor ergonomics to me. Plus I dislike clips so thats another no go for me. Or get a Hunter and restock with...
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    Best optics Antifog.

    Any one tried the Rain-X? Works on the windshield but haven't gotten the nerve up to try on a scope...
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    Kuiu Snap Insulated Shirt

    I have two and love them. Large is really medium. XL fits me well and I would offer that if you have larger forearms size up for sure.
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    Questions for owners who hunt with Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16x44

    I have one and believe it works very well for returning to zero. My shooting so far while dialing is under 200 rounds on a light .280AI. I would say past 700 yards the crosshairs are a little coarse compared to similar NF or v-X5. On elk size game I doubt that would cause issue. I have no...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Alex Wheeler built 7 Saum “Price Drop”

    How does this last 20 days!! It is my birthday today if you want it gone LOL GLWS!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Ruger #1 300wsm Christensen Arms barrel

    This will be one of those "why didn't I just buy that awesome rifle" playing in my the .257 roberts I saw at the gun show. Out of thousands of guns my cousin asked me what I saw and I told him to go look at it. Oh sure, he bought it LOL I reload for it though. And the incredible .308...
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    Kuiu Chinook Pant Verde 1.0 Like New Size 38

    Deal with confidence...