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    High end Bino.

    Looking for swaro el 10/42 or Leica hdb 2200. Have 1400
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    I need a xlr Element chasis for a Remington 700 short action, varmint contour barrel Channel
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    Looking for a SA element Rem 700 foot print. Folder would be awesome. Let me know if you have one
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    Nightforce nx8 2.5-20x

    I acquired a 2.5-20x nx8 and I really like it. Glass is pretty good and the turret is great. Although the glass is great, on higher mag it tunnels out and gets blurry on the edges. Is this common on this model or do I need to play with the rear objective. Only really trying to hear from people...
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    Manners black forest.

    Anyone have a black forest gun done with a brown action? If so will you post pics. About to rebarrel a fun and thinking of running that color this time
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    .204 Ruger for Coyotes, what is your opinion?

    For sure. I hunt in south Texas so ALOT of the shots you get on dogs here is a frontal. So I’ve settled on shoot a 22 cm and 6 cm. They’re both pretty point and shoot to 300 yards. And frontal shots don’t move anymore. A 75gr eldm @ 3650 is cut throat. And a 95 gr berger not running nearly as...
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    .204 Ruger for Coyotes, what is your opinion?

    I believe they were running so hot that as soon as they touched the chest they were igniting with 0 penetration. I lost 5 in a row like that. Every shot the same. They hit the ground spin and then take out. I’d track them a good way with no dog at the end. Cats on the other hand bang flop. Most...
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    .204 Ruger for Coyotes, what is your opinion?

    good info this was just my experience with if. Blood everywhere. Lost dog. I shoot a 6 cm and a 22 cm now and chest shot dogs don’t move. It’s my favorite shot on a coyote to take they fold.
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    .204 Ruger for Coyotes, what is your opinion?

    Have a Rem sfII in 204 shot the 32 gr v max. Lost every chest shot coyote with it. Broadside was ok. Good cat gun. I bet if I slowed it down it would of acted better just my experience.
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    What’s the height on these ? .9 ?
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    SPLIT OPTIONS / Rem 700 5R 6.5CM XLR Envy Chassis

    Do you still have the original stock to the 5r?
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    Remington 700 VS 243 Win

    Can you text me 361-227-2005 interested
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    Seekins 34mm low rings

    I have some amaxs text me 361-227-2005
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Atlas CAL Gen 2 screw with 17.5 extensions

    Pic rail ? Can you text me I have questions 361-227-2005
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    Thoughts on 22 and 6mm PRC

    Yes v maxes