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    280 ai with 150 eld-x

    T hanks for the info.
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    280 ai with 150 eld-x

    anyone have luck with ELD X in 280AI
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    Gun safe recommendations?

    Think about how much money is going to sit inside your safe.. Then think about how much you want to spend on a safe.. I lost all my guns due to a cheap safe.. Only 2 brands to look at are SturdySafes or Security Products. Made of plate steel not sheet rock and tin. Had mine custom built and...
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    Preferred .280AI hunting bullet?

    Very interested in this topic
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    Alonzo Custom Rifles deals with Carbon barrels often. He has done 2 for me.
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    Omar Alonzo, Pasedena Texas
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    Leupold vx6hd 4-24x52

    I will take it per our conversation
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    SOLD/EXPIRED ***sold***

    Re: Custom FN Belgian Mauser 35 Whelen Swaroski PV 1.5-6x42 $2,600.00 I just found your post of the 35 Whelen for sale. This has been pretty much my dream rifle for 2 years. Would you have anything in mind that you might consider a trade or that rifle?