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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS - Nightforce NXS 3.5-15 F1 LV.5 Velocity 1000 Reticle

    That's some unique camo there... :)
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Leupold VXIII 3.5-10X40 For Sale

    SPF to Rock Jock. Leupold VX3 3.5-10X40 Matte black finish; 1” tube; perfect glass with no ring marks, scratches, dings, etc. Crystal clear Duplex 1/4 moa clicks. $350.00 shipped.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: GI Mil-spec AR-15 mags

    They are good mags…I prefer them to the Pmags. Great price.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Blueprinted Colt AR15

    **SPF** **SPF**
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Blueprinted Colt AR15

    Will sell without scope and Bi-Pod for $2,600.00
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Blueprinted Colt AR15

    Yes, the hand loads are what the rifle is blueprinted for. Yes, they are moly coated Bergers. I will consider trades, and I know it is a lot of $$ for an AR. Thanks. (Barrel break-in groups).
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Blueprinted Colt AR15

    This is a meticulously, professionally built rifle made for one thing, accuracy. This isn’t a thrown together parts gun, and yes, it is expensive. The rifle, ammunition, scope, etc. were all put together as a package and is being sold as such; I’m not going to break it up as so much work went...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT: NIB Colt CR6724 Elite Match AR15

    I have a never fired, NIB Colt CR6724 Accurized AR15 up for trade complete with all accessories. Since these are such a hot commodity I thought I might feel out some trade offers... Looking for a benchrest style rifle in a sub caliber; .20BR, .17 etc. Might be interested in a long range...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS A5-15 204 Ruger Upper

    I would be interested in the upper if it is ever separated. Thanks, K
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    SOLD/EXPIRED NIB Magpul PRS stock for AR15 for trade

    Not looking to sell outright. Thanks.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: Anschutz 3 position/BR

    Looking for something like a 54 Super Match, 1907, 1808 , etc. Let me know what you have…low mileage a must. Thanks, K
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Found What I was looking for/Gun has been purchased

    Re: WTB Custom 300 RUM/McWhorter, GA Precision, GunWerks, McMillan, HS Precision Seems a bit harsh…if he wants a full custom that’s his business.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED NIB Magpul PRS stock for AR15 for trade

    I have a new, never mounted Magpul PRS stock for AR15 in black; I would like to trade straight up for the same in factory dark earth or a green color just to change things up. Not interested in a DIY paint job. Thanks, K
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Allen Precision .338 Allen Mag

    I would hazard a guess CA48 is going to be a happy camper….great looking iron.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wts (2) harris bipods

    Edit: I’m out too (sorry)…just bought one. Thanks.

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